African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

ASEC Mission
The mission of African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC) is to facilitate access to education for women religious in Africa that leads to enhancement and expansion of the education, heqlth, economic, social, environmental and spiritual services they provide.

ASEC Core Values
ASEC provides educational opportunities for women religious in Africa in order to facilitate attainment of their human potential, as well as that of the people in the communities and societies they serve, with special concern for persons most in need.

ASEC nurtures multi-layered partnerships that further its mission in accordance with the gospel call to unity and solidarity. Recognizing the shared goal of furthering educational opportunities for women religious in Africa, ASEC works together with partners in the spirit of global sisterhood to support the personal and spiritual growth of sisters in Africa.

ASEC fosters the leadership capacity of women religious in Africa to leverage their strengths and those of their sisters, staff, students, and others they influence, to achieve common goals while developingtheir individual gifts and talents.

ASEC cultivates an environment of service among its stakeholders by promoting social responsibility and community engagement to meet the needs of society. ASEC recognizes that women religious in Africa devote their lives to service in a spirit of compassion, humility, love, and protection for all of God's creation.

ASEC is committed to strengthening skills, competencies, and credentials of women religious in Africa, by transferring capacity of experts through training to increase their ability to build sustainable programs and organizations that address the social, human and spiritual needs of their societies.

ASEC respects the special value, unique talents and gifts of each person created and sustained by God. To revere life, is to act and respond with deep respect and compassion for the dignity and diversity inherent in humanity. ASEC extends services across multiple cultures and communities, to the global north and south, operating with an appreciation for the uniqueness of people and their worldviews; and with empathy by listening, reflecting, and promoting communication that is meaningful, honest and inclusive.

Our Growth. Our Goal. Our Vision.
Of the 40,000 sisters in the region ASEC serves, 80 percent have no higher education credentials. We are changing that statistic.

The African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC) provides access to education for Catholic Sisters in Africa, With a quality education, these women religious become qualified to serve as teachers, as well as in healthcare, spiritual, and social service ministries in their countries.

As the sisters themselves are educated, they, in turn, educate more African people. Because of this ripple effect, we believe that education will help African nations become more self-sufficient. Much of our work explores how the use of technology can help African Sisters better serve their communities.

West Africa
1. African Conference of Religious (GCR)
2. African Conference of Women Religious (NCWR)
3. Conference of English-Speaking Religious (CESR)

East Africa
4. Association of Sisterhood of Kenya (AOSK)
5. Association of Religious of Uganda (ARU)
6. Tanzanian Catholic Association of Sisters

Central Africa
8. Zambia Association of Sisters (ZAS)
9. Association of Women Religious of Malawi (AWRIM)