Daughters of Charity of the Most Precious Blood

Daughters of Charity of the Most Precious Blood

Founded, Date/Place 6th January, 1873 at Pagani – Italy
Founder Blessed Thomas Maria Fusco
Canonical Status: Pontifical right
Motto: Charity and love.
Charism Retract and reflect the most vivid image of Christ which the Divine Blood is a sign, an expression, a measure and a pledge.
Apostolate: Care of the Orphans/Vulnerable Children, Education of the Youth, care of the sick/ Aged.
Mission Statement: For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in Him shall be saved.

Sr. Georgina Akunna Odor, DCPB
Delegate: Sr. Georgina Akunna Odor, DCPB

Daughters of the Charity of the Most Precious Blood.
Sacred Heat Home
C/o St. Mulumba Parish
P. O. Box 160
Wetheral Road
Owerri, Imo State

Mobil: 08036861804, 09096894412

Email: dcpbnigeria@gmail.com

Our Apostolate

Thomas Maria Fusco, was born at Pagani Salerno (SA) Italy in 1831. He was ordained a Priest in 1855. A most zealous Priest, he promoted the Cult of the Most Precious Blood in his local church. Understanding the needs of the times he directed his apostolate principally to the youth.

His Charity was directed to every form of need and poverty. Children, Youth, Laborers, the poor, the sick and the aged.

With fiery Zeal he also stirred up many Priestly and religious vocations to join him in his mission. Since his death on February 24,1891, his ministry towards the needy continues untiringly from heaven through his protection, paternal prayers and blessing, the Divine power of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ and also through the institute founded by Him; Daughters of the Charity of the Most Precious Blood. This institute was founded on January 6th, 1873 (Epiphany of the Lord) with three Sisters and seven orphans and on the 5th of August 1912, the Congregation acquired a pontifical status, under the jurisdiction of Pope Pius X, and hence, subject to the jurisdiction of the Holy See.

The Congregation is in most countries of the world: Italy, USA, Brazil, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria and proximately our presence is felt in Cameroon.

Thomas Maria Fusco was beatified on the 7th of October 2001 by his holiness Pope John Paul II amidst the joy of his spiritual daughters, friends, well wishers of the Congregation, in union with the whole Church on earth, in accord with the triumphant Church in heaven. He is now known as -- Blessed Thomas Maria Fusco.

Our Spirituality and Charism
Our founder, drawing his logical inference said, "We must commit ourselves to derive and reflect the Most vivid image of that Divine Charity with which Christ's Blood was shed and of which that same Divine Blood was, and is a sign, an expression, a measure, and a pledge. Therefore, we always perceive in the Blood of Jesus not only the proof of His greatest Love, but also the Supreme and undisputable manifestation of the love that the father has for humanity. And this has been the "object of our love and adoration". The Crucifix is an object of Contemplat ion, reflection and meditation for us. For us, "He who studies the Crucifix well knows everything". We consider this point with a particular characterization Jesus gave and continues to give His Blood for the "Triumph of His mercy as a manifestation of His infinite love for us". It is this Divine Charity of the Blood that specifies and defines our identity as Daughters of the Charity of the Most Precious Blood

Our Apostolate
The Congregation is called upon to manifest the Divine Charity of the Blood of Christ in the world and in the Church through these ministries which bring salvation to her fellow men:

1. Education (school apostolate)
2. Assisting the Sick (hospital apostolate)
3. Assisting the aged (old peoples' home)
4. Social assistance (home for orphans and vulnerable children)
5. Catechetical Activities.

Sisters in Perpetual Vows

  1. Sr. Scholastica Chinyere Okoroafor
  2. Sr. Maria Nnorom
  3. Sr. Maria Chimaobi Diala
  4. Sr. Angela Ugo
  5. Sr. RoseAnn Nwanyisonde Madu
  6. Sr. Oluchi Victoria Achionye
  7. Sr. Theresa Chdiubem Onyegbule
  8. Sr. Imelda Chimezie Opara
  9. Sr. Agnes Chijioke Aguocha
  10. Sr. Sussana Obiaku
  11. Sr. Sir Lucy Ebere Ohaka
  12. Sr. Georgina Akunna Odor
  13. Sr. Florence Ojiugo Eke
  14. Sr. Clementina Nkechi Iwuh
  15. Sr. Rosemary Ugochinyere Ekeopara
  16. Sr. Caroline Ebere Anochiri
  17. Sr. Philomena Ulumma Akuwudike
  18. Sr. Stella Chizoba Onyemaobi
  19. Sr. Domenica Agulanna
  20. Sr. Faustina Nkechinyere Chukwu
  21. Sr. Charity Nwaishi
  22. Sr. Stella Maris Urewuche Onuoha
  23. Sr. Ursula Onyinyechukwu Uba
  24. Sr. Dorothy Ebere Nwokonkwo
  25. Sr. Caroline Chinedu Ogulewe
  26. Sr. Geraldine Oluchukwu Njoku
  27. Sr. Constance Ngozi Unachukwu
  28. Sr. Faustian Chinwendu Nzeji
  29. Sr. Getrude ugochi Nwachukwu
  30. Sr. Judith Chinuruekpere Ezeji
  31. Sr. Cordelia Chinyere Okoro
  32. Sr. Chizoman Onyemauchechukwu Okoro
  33. Sr. Edith Girikauche Chukwu Olekoro
  34. Sr. Caroline Chizobam Chinaka
  35. Sr. Ijeoma Anayochukwu Onuha
  36. Sr. Juliana Chidubem Nwaneri
  37. Sr. Georgina Nkechi Eze
  38. Sr. Edith Fabian Ngozi Nnolum
  39. Sr. Grace Nnwasinachi Anyanwu
  40. Sr. Emmanuela Kasarachi Onyeghala
  41. Sr. Faustina Chinenyenwa Anyanwu
  1. Sr. Monica Chigozie Ama
  2. Sr. Veronica Okwuchi Ogazi
  3. Sr. Priscilla Akunna Irofuala
  4. Sr. Rosemary Ugomma Ihentuge
  5. Sr. Maureen Nkewchinyere Azuoma
  6. Sr. Callista Chinyere Oparaocha
  7. Sr. Stellamaris Amaka Okeke
  8. Sr. Agatha Amuruiheahara Onyeulo
  9. Sr. Lucy Ogehi Nnorom
  10. Sr. Perpetua Chinyere Opara
  11. Sr. Sussana Ahuruchi Nwangwu
  12. Sr. Jacinta Ojiugo Mmegwa
  13. Sr. Agatha Ogechi Nkemakolam
  14. Sr. Miriam Uchechi Anyanwu
  15. Sr. Regina Chibuzo Ibe
  16. Sr. Juliet Ogechi Ejinwa
  17. Sr. Martha Chidimma Nwakauchi
  18. Sr. Modesta Nkechinyere Ekechukwu
  19. Sr. Edith Adaego Obioma
  20. Sr. Edith Akudo Onuoha
  21. Sr. Francisca Ebere Akalonu
  22. Sr. Felicity Chinwendu Agu
  23. Sr. Anthonia Oluchi Ijemaru
  24. Sr. Dorothy Chioma Dibiuo
  25. Sr. Grace Chinyereugo Ohaka
  26. Sr. Victoria Ukamaka Chukwu
  27. Sr. Maureen Uloma Dike
  28. Sr. Mercy Onyehurummaju Emesurum
  29. Sr. Angela Nkechinyere Iheanaetu
  30. Sr. Magdalene Aershimana Akighir
  31. Sr. Rita O. Onovughokpor
  32. Sr. Janeprecious Chisom Okonko
  33. Sr. Kate Basil Chinenye Anyanwu
  34. Sr. Comfort Hilaseen Iorzaa
  35. Sr. Pauline Olileanya Obasi
  36. Sr. Dorothy Kelechi Ekeh
  37. Sr. Virginia Ngozi Anaynwu
  38. Sr. Elizabeth mmaegbulam Ozobulu
  39. Sr. Rufina Akuzuo Egbukichi
  40. Sr. Eucharia Nkechinyere Uchendu
  41. Sr. Christiana Nkiruka Ikewelugo

Number of Sisters in Temporary Vows – 25


    Sr. Cecilia Chigozie Okolo 1st Oct., 2016