Daughters of the Holy Spirit

Daughters of the Holy Spirit

Founded, Date/Place 8th of December 1706, Brittany in France
Founder Jean Leuduger and Marie Balavenne
Canonical Status Pontifical Right, 1960
Motto: Caritas
Charism "Consecrated to the Holy spirit under the protection of Mary, living in community for the service of the poor in justice and tenderness"
Mission Statement Consecrated to the Holy Spirit, for the mission of our Lord Jesus in serving the most deprived, paying special attention to women and children
Purpose For the service of the poor through the church
Location of Provincial House Osogbo; Osun State
Location of principal house in Nigeria Modakeke Osun State
Names of Places/Countries where we work: Africa: Cameroun, Burkina Faso, Nigeria.
Europe: America, France, England, Ireland.
Location of formation Houses Postulancy at Ogbomoso in Oyo State.
Novitiateat Ilesa in Osun State.
Arrival date in Nigeria October 10, 1964.

Sr. Christiana Akpah OSA
Vice-Provincial Superior: Sr. Monica Anyi, DHS

Daughters of the Holy Spirit
Vice Province of Nigeria
Plot 26, Ilobu Road G.R.A,
Catholic Diocese of Osogbo,
P. O. Box 1891, Osogbo,
Osun State, Nigeria

Mobile: 080 3584 1875

Email: vprovfse@yahoo.com

We receive to live together in the spirit of Pentecost and to participate in the mission of love in the world.

For us Daughters of the Holy Spirit, 'there is no mission without adoration, without calling on the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth". Our Spirituality is to reverence the presence of the Holy Spirit in ourselves, in others and in all creation. We consecrate ourselves to the least favoured of the society. Each day we draw the strength to love in this way from the love of the Trinity and we pray in a special way to the Holy Spirit. Math. 25:40 speaks to us and stimulate us to be close to all people especially the most disadvantaged. We celebrate in a special way the feasts of Pentecost and 8thDecember- the Immaculate Conception.

Information about Foundress/Founder:
The Congregation began by a devoted widow named Marie Balavenne who noticed the mystery of the people around her, a woman with a great sense of duty, she always forget herself so as to bring comfort to those in distress. She later re-married to a widower named Guillaume Despons who had seven (7) children whom she loved and brought up as her own.

Attentive to the children, Marie Balavenne also brought help and comfort to the families struck by sickness or death, with this rich experience this young woman fully prepared to fulfill with love and take her task as the stepmother she was to be. Once she brought up the Despons children, she was to dedicate herself under the guidance of Jean Leuduger; the spiritual director to a wider field of apostolic work.

Marie Balavenne, freed from family duties, left for good the home of the Despons to make community with Renee Burel, who had for a while contemplated entering the Ursuline Order.

Younger and more educated than Marie Balavenne, Renee Burel supported the nascent community. On December 8, 1706, adopting a white habit in honour of the Mary Immaculate, and choosing her as their patron-saint and advocate with the Holy Spirit, they pledged to live together and to devote themselves firmly to the service of Christ and of the poor, his living images, as recommended by Jean Leuduger their spiritual director.

Ministries/Apostolate: Living together to serve the poor and the less privileged through basic education, adult education, empowerment for women and the youth, care of the sick in their homes and in the hospitals/clinics, retreat direction, guidance and counseling.

Special contribution to the church in Nigeria:
With others, we work to defend human rights, the dignity of each person; children, youth, women, handicapped people, respect for creation, care for the environment. We are inserted among our people. All these involvements are done through education in all its forms, health care for the sick, counseling, retreats, rehabilitation for the disabled, pastoral work, children and youth ministry, women empowerment, collaboration with organizations aimed for greater justice and love.

Sisters in Perpetual Vows

  1. Sr. Helena Ugoji
  2. Sr. Monica Anyi
  3. Sr. Cecilia Anukem
  4. Sr. Anthonia Falope
  5. Sr. Roseline Oduze
  6. Sr. Dorathy Okuma
  7. Sr. Anthonia Ayeni
  8. Sr. Mary Ahutu
  9. Sr. Cynthia Azughara
  10. Sr. Theresa Olokede
  11. Sr. Tosin Amusan
  12. Sr. Mary Ogbue
  13. Sr. Clementina Emeghara
  14. Sr. Veronica Odoemenam
  15. Sr. Esther Amowe
  16. Sr. Elizabeth Babalola
  17. Sr. Lucy Ohanuma
  18. Sr. Emiola Fakorede
  19. Sr. Anne Okozi
  20. Sr. Grace Oladejo
  21. Sr. Abiola Adigboluja
  22. Sr. Anthonia Amuchie
  1. Sr. Lilian Omiebenomo
  2. Sr. Anastasia Nnamezie
  3. Sr. Christiana Fasiku
  4. Sr. Chibuzor Onyeananam
  5. Sr. Clare Adelakun
  6. Sr. Ejiroghene Umiaghwa
  7. Sr. Rosemary Okere
  8. Sr. Felicia Ademola
  9. Sr. Rosemary Etim
  10. Sr. Esther Kolawole
  11. Sr. Hannah Okoliko
  12. Sr. Stella Oluwafemi
  13. Sr. Justina Akubo
  14. Sr. Janet Audu
  15. Sr. Maria Enemuo
  16. Sr. Esther Olusi
  17. Sr. Anthonia Ogunyomi
  18. Sr. Ogechi Onu
  19. Sr. Alice Orji
  20. Sr. Immaculata Onyong
  21. Sr. Lauretta Adegbe

Number of Sisters in Temporary Vows – 15