Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Sisters

Augustinian Sisters of the Mercy of Jesus

Founded, Date/Place 18th Jan 1943, Lagos Archdiocese
Founder Archbishop Leo Hale Taylor, SMA
Canonical Status Pontifical, 2008
Motto Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
Charism Sharing the sentiments of Christ when he gave the Eucharist
Mission Statement To be educated African Sisters with great missionary power dedicated to the love of God, service of humanity through deep personal striving.
Purpose To have educated African Sisters who can be a great missionary power with the aim of promoting the glory of God.
Spirituality The spirituality of the Congregation is Eucharistic.

Sr. Mary Agatha Osarenkhoe, EHJ
Superior General: Sr. Mary Agatha Osarenkhoe, EHJ

7 Amore Street,
Ikeja, Lagos
P.O. Box 5239
Ikeja 100001
Lagos State

Mobile: 08064245967


The Congregation of the Sisters of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus is an Institute of Pontifical Right. In response to the observation of Cardinal Riberi (the Papal Delegate to British East and West African Colonies) about the absence of African girls in the rank and file of the Religious in Lagos, the then Archbishop of Lagos, Archbishop Leo Hale Taylor, SMA, took up the challenge to start the Congregation of the Sisters of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. It was founded in January 1943 in the Archdiocese of Lagos with five young ladies. The Congregation is the first indigenous Institute in the Archdiocese of Lagos. The Congregation started at Abeokuta with five Postulants, having as its first Novice Mistress and Superior General the late Mother Enda Barrett O.L.A. Later in 1946 the Congregation moved its Novitiateand Mother House to Ibonwon.

In the beginning, the Congregation was successfully ruled by the following Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles: Mother Bernardine, Mother Eli, Mother Patrick, Mother Benedict and Mother Columcile. In 1966, the Congregation got its autonomy and elected its first Nigerian Superior General in the person of Mary Veronica Odusanya. Other indigenous Superiors General, were Mother Mary John Baptista of blessed memory, Mother Mary Catherine Omoaka and Mother Mary Clare Idahosa. Others were Mother Anthonia Adebowale, Sr. Kizito Iyamabo and Sr. Mary Henrietta Domingo. The current Superior General of the Congregation is Sr. Mary Agatha Osarenkhoe.

The Purpose:
The purpose of the Institute is to have educated African Sisters who can be a great missionary power with the aim of promoting the glory of God and the sanctification of her members. Our apostolate in the medical, educational, social, pastoral fields give concrete expression to the purpose of our Institute.

The charism of the Congregation is one of sharing the sentiment of Christ when he gave us the Eucharist. Christ gave us the Eucharist in a spirit of love, thanksgiving, praise and sacrifice to God.

The Mission of EHJ Congregation:
The mission (apostolate) of the EHJ sisters is to be a great missionary power, ministering to Jesus in the person of our neighbour, especially the poor, thereby making Christ presence in the world meaningful to the people by being engaged in educational, medical, social and pastoral apostolic activities. This mission is borne out of the response to Christ's invitation not only to be "with Him" but that He may send us out to preach. The Sisters work eagerly and tirelessly to bring to the men and women of our day, the saving truth which Jesus revealed to us and the saving grace which He won for us.

The Sisters carry out mission of grass root evangelization among the poor and disadvantaged in many dioceses within Nigeria (Lagos, Ibadan, Lokoja, Abuja, Ilorin, Ijebu-Ode, Warri, Auchi, Abeokuta, Ilorin, Minna, PortHarcourt, Jos, Kotangora. The Sisters are also working in Canada, USA (Archdiocese of Boston, Chicago and Seattle). To further the evangelizing mission of the Church, the Sisters are engaged in the following apostolate: medical, teaching, pastoral and social. They render services to everyone, especially the poor and indigent.

EHJ Vision Statement:
To be great missionaries making the world more aware of Jesus' presence in the Eucharist by our manner of life and service to humanity.

Mission Statement:
The Congregation of the Sisters of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus is a Religious Institute of educated African Sisters with great missionary spirit; dedicated to the love of God and service of humanity.

We devote ourselves to the daily adoration of the Euchar ist , making sacrifices and reparation for sins. By sharing in the sentiments of Christ - love - when He gave us the Eucharist, we reach out to all classes of people through our various apostolate.

We commit ourselves to:
• Deep personal striving for holiness
• Respect for all
• Giving qualitative education and holistic formation to all classes of people
• Providing health care and social services
• Promoting justice and equality in all ramifications to the Greater Glory of God.

EHJ Core Value Statement:
EHJ Sisters place great value on thanksgiving, reparation, simplicity, respect, continence, loving service, togetherness and prayerfulness.

We pray constantly, as religious life cannot be sustained without a deep life of Prayer (individual, communal and liturgical). Our apostolic spirit results from our intimate union with Christ, brought about by our daily devout Eucharistic celebration, our adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and other quiet contemplation of our Euchar i s t ic King. Seeing the world through the eyes of Christ, we are more eager to share in Christ's redemptive work and the spread of God's Kingdom.

The chief distinguishing trait of our Congregation is the spirit of reparation. We the Sisters of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, as Angels of consolation, make up for the miserable shame suffered by our Lord in the Eucharist through our constant loving atonement both in our hours of prayer and action.

Association of Friends of the Sisters of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus:
These are some individuals who are the associates of the Congregation. They are members of the lay faithful who have accepted the spirituality of the Sisters, and very often come together to take part in some activities with the Sisters, such as adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, at least, once in a week. They are encouraged to participate actively in the daily celebration of the Eucharist and live it in their families and in the world, were ever they may find themselves.

They are in the various parts of the world were the Congregation has sisters working for dioceses. They are very much appreciated because they are helpful in our bid to make Jesus Christ known to the world as present in the Holy Eucharist.

Adorers of the Holy Eucharist
In 1985, one of our Sisters, Sister Augustina Awoyale, started a pious society called "Adorers of the Holy Eucharist." It has members all over Nigeria. Some of the aims are:
1. To make the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist known and loved;
2. To encourage members of the association to attend Holy Mass regularly;
3. To promote vocations to priestly and religious life

Our Sisters

  1. Mother Mary Martha Onwuachi, EHJ
  2. Sr. Mary Philomena Asanbe,EHJ
  3. Mother Mary Catherine Omoaka,EHJ
  4. Sr. Anthonia Mary Da Silva,EHJ
  5. Sr. Mary Francis Ikuenobe,EHJ
  6. Sr. M. Eucharie Eghaghe
  7. Mother Mary Clare Idahosa,EHJ
  8. Sr. Mary Aloysius Ajayi,EHJ
  9. Sr. Mary Augustine Oshiozekhai, EHJ
  10. Sr. Mary Cyprian Igwuovhor,EHJ
  11. Sr. Mary Peter Okogie, EHJ
  12. Sr. Mary Leo Adeigbo,EHJ
  13. Sr. Philomena Ajulo,EHJ
  14. Sr. Mary Assumpta Ebhomielen,EHJ
  15. Sr. Mary Kizito Iyamabo,EHJ
  16. Sr. Therese Marie Orieso,EHJ
  17. Sr. Mary Martins,EHJ
  18. Mother Mary Anthonia Adebowale,EHJ
  19. Sr. Rosemary Omomoh,EHJ
  20. Sr. Mary Henrietta Domingo,EHJ
  21. Sr. Mary Joanna Yedenu,EHJ
  22. Sr. Mary Agnes Sibebo,EHJ
  23. Sr. Mary Josephine Titiloye,EHJ
  24. Sr. Mary Augustina Awoyale,EHJ
  25. Sr. Elizazbath Mary Njoku,EHJ
  26. Sr. Mary Damiana Somide,EHJ
  27. Sr. Mary Jude Fakorede,EHJ
  28. Sr. Stella Maris Anyanwu,EHJ
  29. Sr. Anna Maria Ajibola,EHJ
  30. Sr. Mary John Oworu,EHJ
  31. Sr. Gloria Mary Wilson,EHJ
  32. Sr. Roseline Mary Bambe,EHJ
  33. Sr. Consolata Marie Nwachukwu,EHJ
  34. Sr. Mary Genevieve Osayame,EHJ
  35. Sr. Monica Mary Obaro,EHJ
  36. Sr. Christiana Mary Wilfred,EHJ
  37. Sr. Immaculata Mary Ugoh,EHJ
  38. Sr. Theresa Maris Ocloo,EHJ
  39. Sr. Catherine Mary Anyanwu,EHJ
  40. Sr. Bibiana Marie Ovwigho,EHJ
  41. Sr. Mary Fausta Manafa,EHJ
  42. Sr. Monica Marie Aturu,EHJ
  43. Sr. Mary Lilian Atoluse,EHJ
  44. Sr. Veronica Maris Maduforo,EHJ
  45. Sr. Mary Juliana Osiyemi,EHJ
  46. Sr. Mary Benedict Isara,EHJ
  47. Sr. Mary Florence Oso,EHJ
  48. Sr. Mary Suzan Nduh, EHJ
  49. Sr. Lucy Mary Eghaghara,EHJ
  50. Sr. Mary Caroline Essenanjo,EHJ
  51. Sr. Mary Raphaela Emordi,EHJ
  52. Sr. Mary Bernadette Njoku,EHJ
  53. Sr. Mary Stella Ogbolu,EHJ
  54. Sr. Florence Maris Emurayeveya,EHJ
  55. Sr. Mary Agatha Osarenkhoe,EHJ
  56. Sr. Mary Immaculata Njoku,EHJ
  57. Sr. Elizabeth Maris Agent-Itopa,EHJ
  58. Sr. Helen Maris Oyekanmi,EHJ
  59. Sr. Anne Marie Ezenwa,EHJ
  60. Sr. Josephine Mary Akwaowoh,EHJ
  61. Sr. Mary Anthony Opara,EHJ
  62. Sr. Mary Patricia Oboavwoduo,EHJ
  63. Sr. Josephine Marie Iteghite, EHJ
  64. Sr. Rosemary Ogale,EHJ
  65. Sr. Mary Helen Olorunfemi,EHJ
  66. Sr. Mary Victoria Olonikadi,EHJ
  67. Sr. Mary Catherine Odom,EHJ
  68. Sr. Mary Christiana Onyewuche,EHJ
  69. Sr. Fidelia Mary Alao,EHJ
  70. Sr. Mary Evarista Onaefe,EHJ
  71. Sr. Mary Edith Abebe,EHJ
  72. Sr. Elizabeth O. Marie Ayinde,EHJ
  73. Sr. Mary Carmelita Aigbodega,EHJ
  74. Sr. Mary Francisca Elewodope,EHJ
  75. Sr. Patricia Mary Opara,EHJ
  76. Sr. Catherine Mary Oghoredafe,EHJ
  77. Sr. Felicia Mary Lewis,EHJ
  78. Sr. Margaret Mary Ihinolurinjan,EHJ
  79. Sr. Lucia Maria Omughele,EHJ
  80. Sr. Jane Marie Ojapah,EHJ
  81. Sr. Angela Maris Omoareghan,EHJ
  82. Sr. Stella Maris Idibie,EHJ
  83. Sr. Mary Martha Imhandiojie,EHJ
  84. Sr. Gertrude Mary Emadago,EHJ
  85. Sr. Agnes Mary Etta,EHJ
  86. Sr. Loretta Maris Ibobo,EHJ
  87. Sr. Christiana Maris Okonkwo,EHJ
  88. Sr. Mary Evelyn Ejutse,EHJ
  89. Sr. Cecilia Mary Omeife,EHJ
  90. Sr. Mary Clementine Ekere,EHJ
  91. Sr. Elizabeth Mary Okonofua,EHJ
  92. Sr. Mary Agnes Ajayi,EHJ
  1. Sr. Rachel-Marie Okolorie,EHJ
  2. Sr. Mary Vivian Ogu,EHJ
  3. Sr. Theresa Maris Afareha,EHJ
  4. Sr. Catherine Maris Oparaji,EHJ
  5. Sr. Josephine Maris Onyedibe,EHJ
  6. Sr. Mary Judith Madueke, EHJ
  7. Sr. Margaret Mary Ajayi,EHJ
  8. Sr. Grace Maris Maduforo,EHJ
  9. Sr. Mary Jacinta Nwaigwe,EHJ
  10. Sr. Francisca Maris Ufoeze,EHJ
  11. Sr. Rita Maria Ogidan,EHJ
  12. Sr. Joana Maria Madu,EHJ
  13. Sr. Juliana Marie Uvwo,EHJ
  14. Sr. Mary Frances Udi,EHJ
  15. Sr. Evelyn Mary Obialor,EHJ
  16. Sr. Mary Juliet Moma,EHJ
  17. Sr. Patricia Mary Okafor,EHJ
  18. Sr. Mary Cecilia Anawanti,EHJ
  19. Sr. Mary Justina Opakunbi,EHJ
  20. Sr. Mary Cecilia Nduaguba,EHJ
  21. Sr. Mary Esther Sideso,EHJ
  22. Sr. Martina Marie Fosudo,EHJ
  23. Sr. Stella Maris Ike,EHJ
  24. Sr. Mary Anne Nwachukwu, EHJ
  25. Sr. Michel Marie Odusanya, EHJ
  26. Sr. Mary Josephine Odorwike, EHJ
  27. Sr. Mary Hyacinta Ihedike, EHJ
  28. Sr. Mary Florence Awunu, EHJ
  29. Sr. Magdalene Mary Nwosa, EHJ
  30. Sr. Rita Mary Oseh, EHJ
  31. Sr. Mary Dorothy Agwoko, EHJ
  32. Sr. Mary Josephine Michael, EHJ
  33. Sr. Mary Anthonia Adebanjo, EHJ
  34. Sr. Mary Angela Ojaibor, EHJ
  35. Sr. Mariette Adeyemi, EHJ
  36. Sr. Mary Anne Martins, EHJ
  37. Sr. Paulyn Mary Umole, EHJ
  38. Sr. Philomena Mary Emerhirhi, EHJ
  39. Sr. Mary Appolonia Ezekperechi, EHJ
  40. Sr. Rosemary Osuagwu, EHJ
  41. Sr. Mary Geraldine Nwoye, EHJ
  42. Sr. Mary Immanuella Onyenyilionwu, EHJ
  43. Sr. Veronica Maris Umukoro, EHJ
  44. Sr. Mary Basilia Faboya, EHJ
  45. Sr. Mary Rita Adebambo, EHJ
  46. Sr. Christiana Maris Ogunleye, EHJ
  47. Sr. Justina Mary Onyeanwusi, EHJ
  48. Sr. Mary Anne Walker, EHJ
  49. Sr. Mary Roseline Isiocha, EHJ
  50. Sr. Mary Gabriella Ugwueke, EHJ
  51. Sr. Marie Assumpta Okeke, EHJ
  52. Sr. Mary Josephine Ibitolu, EHJ
  53. Sr. Maureen Iwu, EHJ
  54. Sr. Evelyn Mario Okonta, EHJ
  55. Sr. Esther Mary Esawe, EHJ
  56. Sr. Mary Agatha Umeh, EHJ
  57. Sr. Mary Gloria Anyiam, EHJ
  58. Sr. Mary Anthonia Okwumuo, EHJ
  59. Sr. Eucharia Maris Egbuike, EHJ
  60. Sr. Angela Mary Anaeto, EHJ
  61. Sr. Bridget Mary Saiki, EHJ
  62. Sr. Anthonia Mary Ajibola, EHJ
  63. Sr. Mary Doris Mbah, EHJ
  64. Sr. Esther Maris Ozoh, EHJ
  65. Sr. Mary Perpetual Gabriel, EHJ
  66. Sr. Cecilia Maris Omoogun, EHJ
  67. Sr. Regina Maria Ameh, EHJ
  68. Sr. Cordelia Marie Alaribe, EHJ
  69. Sr. Mary Esther Nwafor, EHJ
  70. Sr. Blessing Maris Olowojoba, EHJ
  71. Sr. Monica Marie Osevwe, EHJ
  72. Sr. Roseline Marie Mutu, EHJ
  73. Sr. Stella Maris Egure, EHJ
  74. Sr. Anastasia Maris Bak’re, EHJ
  75. Sr. Juliana Mary Abioye, EHJ
  76. Sr. Rosemary Arabano, EHJ
  77. Sr. Jane Frances Mary Onyilo, EHJ
  78. Sr. Elizabeth Maris Hembe, EHJ
  79. Sr. Vivian Mary Azanabor, EHJ
  80. Sr. Jacinta Maris Samaaya, EHJ
  81. Sr. Veronica Maris Aiyekun, EHJ
  82. Sr. Esther Maris Okoro, EHJ
  83. Sr. Mary Vivian Iribhogbe, EHJ
  84. Sr. Geraldine Maris Aguzie, EHJ
  85. sr. Christiana Onah, EHJ
  86. Sr. Mary Anastasia Akali, EHJ
  87. Sr. Mary Frances Akinrinade, EHJ
  88. Sr. Esther Maris Adigbo, EHJ
  89. Sr. Matilda Maris Obiebi, EHJ
  90. Sr. Geraldine Maris Epundu, EHJ
  91. Sr. Margaret Mary Babatunde, EHJ

Number of Sisters in Temporary Vows – 31

Golden Jubilee

  1. Mother Mary Martha Onwuachi, EHJ
  2. Sr. Mary Philomena Asanbe, EHJ
  1. Mother Mary Catherine Omoaka, EHJ
  2. Sr. Anthonia DaSilva, EHJ


  1. Mother Mary Emmanuel Ojo, EH Jan 13,57
  2. Mother Mary John Baptista, EHJ Dec 2,79
  3. Mother Mary Helen Bamgbala, Nov 2485
  4. Sr. Theresa Mary Mordi, EHJ Aug 27 95
  5. Mother Mary Theresa Ugbodaga, EHJ Jan 7, 1996
  6. Sr. Mary Perpetual Egbudo, EHJ Dec 2, 1996
  7. Sr. Catherine Marie Bonoh, EHJ Jan 2, 1999
  1. Sr. Mary Magdalene Abijogun, EHJ Jan 2, 1999
  2. Sr. Mary Cecilia Mary Ukah, Dec 21, 99
  3. Mother Mary Michael Maxwell, EHApril 20, 2000
  4. Sr. Agnes Mary Ogunsanwo, EHJ Sept 29, 2002
  5. Mother Mary Agnes Ogodi, EHJ Sept 27, 2003
  6. Mother Mary Veronica, EHJ July 17, 2015
  7. Sr. Mary Magdalene Obi, EHJ Sep 18, 2015