Holy Family Sisters of the Needy

Augustinian Sisters of the Mercy of Jesus

Founded, Date/Place 19th March, 1983 at Nekede Owerri
Founder Very Rev. Fr. Denis Mary Joseph Ononuju, CSSp
Canonical Status Diocesan Right, 24th June, 1997
Motto "I shall gladly spend and be spent for the poor"
Charism "Love of God and Neighbour"
Mission Statement To re-model our lives on the Holy Family of Nazareth and the early Christian Community where love, unity, understanding, acceptance, trust and peace drowned all individual human differences, selfish likes and dislikes.
Purpose Safeguarding the rights of the unborn child and to undertake the pastoral care of the poor and the needy

Mother Mary Michael Okafor, HFSN
Superior General: Mother Mary Michael Okafor, HFSN

Holy Family Sisters of the Needy Generalate
P.O. Box 250, Aguata L.G.A.
Anambra State

Mobile: (+234) 803-781-7856

Email: hfsngeneralate@yahoo.com, info@holyfamilysistersng.org

Private: sr_marymike@yahoo.com

Our Apostolate

The Holy Family Sisters of the Needy
Is a religious institute that was founded in the Catholic Archdiocese of Owerri on 19th March, 1983 by Very Rev. Fr. Dennis Mary Joseph Ononuju, CSSP. Prior to the inception of this religious institute, Our Fr. Founder who was then the parish priest of St. Paul's Catholic Church, Owerri devoted much of his time to care for, feed and cloth the poor and destitute people around him. His life-long care for the poor and people in difficult condition was heightened by the plight of South Easterners of Nigeria in the post civil war. The predicament manifested in extreme poverty, hunger and starvation, unwanted pregnancy through rape, ignorance and quest for sheer survival. Abandonment of babies and child abuse etc. were rife.

It was in the bid to alleviate the problems of the poor that our Fr. Founder felt moved by the Holy Spirit to found the congregation of the Holy Family Sisters of the Needy in order to attend to the victims of some of the societal ills as mentioned above and the less privi leged by alleviat ing thei r immediate problems, help them to be self-reliant and thus offer them opportunity for a brighter future. Beyond this, the sisters assist them to work for their salvation and love Christ who is poor. Consequently, the Holy Family Sisters of the Needy run centres and homes to shelter, cater for and rehabilitatethe motherless, the poor, the destitute, orphans, handicapped, homeless aged men and women, teenage unwed mothers and girls in difficult situation.

Since the inception of this institute, it has successfully rehabilitated more than one thousand (1000) young people. Beyond this, the members of the institute embark on medical and educational services, which aim at assisting their clients and others in need. The work, which our Founder started in the South Eastern Nigeria, has spread to other parts of the country and beyond.

The Charism
of the Institute is to safeguard the rights of the unborn child, rehabilitate the unmarried mothers, pastoral care to the Poor and Needy, to alleviate their problems with particular attention to their spiritual well-being.

The Spirituality
of the Institute is that of St Theresa of the Infant Jesus: Simplicity and child-like confidence in our loving God.

I shall gladly spend and be spent for the poor and needy.

Our Commitment:
As members of the Holy Family Sisters of the Needy, we strive to grow in a deeper love relationship with God through personal and communal prayer and through our vows of celibate chastity, poverty and obedience. We generously serve God's people especially the poor and needy being aware that we, too, are among the needy people of God who depend on His Divine Providence. We share our gifts, our vision, prayer, life and love with one another through our communal life We make all we doa Work of evangelization: proclaiming the good news, forming Christian community, and contributing to the transformation of the human society in whose life we share.

Mission Statement:
To alleviate or at least to reduce to the barest minimum the hopeless and inhumane conditions of the poor and the needy by caring for them both spiritually and materially, and helping them as much as possible to become self-reliant so that Christ's message of salvation can easily and truly penetrate and permeate their lives.

The apostolate of the institute is of two fold; internal and external. The internal consists in helping the members to achieve holiness of life and to bear true witness to a life consecrated to God while the external apostolate is the practical works of charity directed to other people especially the suffering poor and destitute of the society.

The institute has made tremendous contributions to the Church in Nigeria in many facets especially in the area of pro-life apostolate, rehabilitation of young girls in difficult situations, assistance to numerous helpless children, Education of the young, pastoral services, catechesis and evangelization, spiritual and material assistance to the poor and needy people of God. The sisters ensure that the lives of the unborn child who would share in the mystical body of Jesus after birth through baptism are safeguarded. Besides, the members are committed to helping their clients gain salvation, become true members of the body of Christ and witnesses of the gospel.

Sisters in Perpetual Vows

  1. Sr. Rev. Mother Mary-Michael Okafor
  2. Sr. Mary Vincentia Opara
  3. Sr. Innocentia Emenogu
  4. Sr. Chidera Ohamara
  5. Sr. Chinedum Joachim Nwadike
  6. Sr. Jude Mary Nwachukwu
  7. Sr. Mother Assumpta Mariet Ogu
  8. Sr. George Chiemeka Nwaribe
  9. Sr. Mary Raphael Iwuagwu
  10. Sr. Maria Joannes Uzoma
  11. Sr. Mary Joseph Ogbuokiri
  12. Sr. Uchechukwu M. Patrick Onukafor
  13. Sr. Mary Ihunanya Josephine Nwaogwugwu
  14. Sr. Ifeoma Okorougo
  15. Sr. John M.Vianney Metuamara
  16. Sr. Bernadette Regis Nnadozie
  17. Sr. Stella Maris Akalawu
  18. Sr. M. Stephane Nkechi Anunonwu
  19. Sr. M. Laurenti Ezeama
  20. Sr. M. Annunciata Nworah
  21. Sr. M. JohnPaul Chukwuonye
  22. Sr. Mary Paul Abanuka
  23. Sr. M. Sylvia Diala
  24. Sr. Francis Catherine Okoroji
  25. Sr. M. Judith Okoro
  26. Sr. M. Petra Ogwurumba
  27. Sr. M. Anthony Ugwu
  28. Sr. M. Gabriella Unanka
  29. Sr. Maria Goretti Onyeabor
  30. Sr. M. Bernard Oleh
  31. Sr. De. Montfort Onyekachi Udeozor
  32. Sr. M. Valentine Chinelo Okafor
  33. Sr. M. Aloysuis Mbanefo
  34. Sr. M. Evangeline Ajuzieogu
  35. Sr. M. James Laudate Muoneke
  36. Sr. M. Ogechi Osuagwu
  37. Sr. M. Caritas Umeh
  38. Sr. M. Eucharistia Obinali
  39. Sr. M. Brigid Ironuma
  40. Sr. Clare Marie Ukaegbu
  41. Sr. M. Paschal Mbah
  42. Sr. Miriam Innocentia Ezirim
  43. Sr. Thecla Okoroafor
  44. Sr. M. Paschaline Uzochukwu
  45. Sr. M. Catherine Anih
  46. Sr. M. Angela Nworah
  47. Sr. Maria Benigna Chilaka
  48. Sr. M. Chimtuwa Eluwa
  49. Sr. M. Immaculata Ugo
  50. Sr. Philip Mary Ubah
  51. Sr. M. Benedicta Akala
  52. Sr. M. Trinitas Ngu
  53. Sr. M. Fortunatus Nwaoku
  54. Sr. M. Genevieve Chukwu
  55. Sr. Charles Maria Emechebe
  56. Sr. M. Vitalis Iwuoha
  57. Sr. Chinyere Martha Okafor
  58. Sr. Jose Maria Anyanwu
  59. Sr. Yvonne Marie Nwankwo
  60. Sr. Ancilla Maris Obiefule
  61. Sr. M. Chidalu Mbajiorgu
  62. Sr. M. Lucy Mbamara
  63. Sr. M. Felicitas Maduabuchi
  64. Sr. M. Aloysia Enyinnaya
  65. Sr. Maria Rosa Ezeanyika
  66. Sr. M. Cajetan Azuama
  67. Sr. M. Seraphima Iroegbu
  68. Sr. M. Veritas Opara
  69. Sr. M. Cosmas Nnadi
  70. Sr. M. Yves Okechukwu
  71. Sr. Mariae Magdalena Oby. Okoye
  72. Sr. M. Perpetua Ezika
  73. Sr. Therese Marie Okafor
  74. Sr. M. Theophilia Agusibe
  1. Sr. M. Jose Rita Anih
  2. Sr. M. Jane Frances Obasi
  3. Sr. Domcordis Egbuna
  4. Sr. M. Joan Ejimnaka
  5. Sr. M. Damian Nwafor
  6. Sr. M. Augusta Ihekwoaba
  7. Sr. Thomas Mary Onuorah
  8. Sr. M. Stephena Dede
  9. Sr. M. Christophine Udenkwo
  10. Sr. Isidore Nkwocha
  11. Sr. Henry Udodike
  12. Sr. Immaculate Ozoigbo
  13. Sr. M. Barbara Esonwune
  14. Sr. M. Elvis Martin Duru
  15. Sr. M. Bernadette Nwaghodo
  16. Sr. M. Rosita Nwanedo
  17. Sr. M. Monica Obidinala
  18. Sr. M. Euphrasia Ihesie
  19. Sr. M. Christphilia Osuala
  20. Sr. Terese Benedicta Nwankwo
  21. Sr. M. Noeleen Ike
  22. Sr. M. Epiphania Evuleocha
  23. Sr. M. Scholastica Ezeofor
  24. Sr. M. Florence Tanwa Anepo
  25. Sr. M. Faustina Ojimba
  26. Sr. M. Casmir Opara
  27. Sr. Prudencia Ahanonu
  28. Sr. M. Chukwuemeka Nduka
  29. Sr. M. Chimbuoyim Uzodinma
  30. Sr. Maximillian Kolbe Ughanze
  31. Sr. RoseMary Asogwa
  32. Sr. M. Dymphna Maduforo
  33. Sr. Mary Stella Ufoagbala
  34. Sr. Stellina Iwuanyanwu
  35. Sr. M. Calista Nwanedi
  36. Sr. Maureen Chukwu
  37. Sr. M. Consolatrice Onyiluka
  38. Sr. M. Theresa Okoli
  39. Sr. M. Nicolette Uzodike
  40. Sr. Chibuonum A. Ifeoma Onyebuchi
  41. Sr. M. Pauline Ezeonyi
  42. Sr. M. Eudes Nkwo
  43. Sr. M. Jose Vera Obinwa
  44. Sr. M. Frances Ifeanyichukwu Onwuka
  45. Sr. Modesta Nzubechukwu Elobuike
  46. Sr. M. Eric Amarachi Uzor
  47. Sr. Tobenna Ibeawuchi
  48. Sr. M. Ngozichukwuka Onyeocha
  49. Sr. Maura Ejemson
  50. Sr. Valeria Chinelo Ezenwa
  51. Sr. Chimdiebere Ezeh
  52. Sr. Jacinta Onwuama
  53. Sr. Leocritia Udeh
  54. Sr. Emmanuela Ejesieme
  55. Sr. Chetachukwu Ndibe
  56. Sr. Lydia Maris Obodo
  57. Sr. Claudia Onyewuchukwu
  58. Sr. Claret Ndubuisi
  59. Sr. Chinemerem Anyaebosim
  60. Sr. Mary Chibueze Igboaso
  61. Sr. Mary Justina Aransiola
  62. Sr. Leo Marie Ngozichukwuka Meze
  63. Sr. Miriam Felicity Okechukwu
  64. Sr. M. Udonna Onike
  65. Sr. M. Kenechukwu Akabueze
  66. Sr. M. Sochimaijem Anekwe
  67. Sr. M. Chibundum Ezeifeka
  68. Sr. Clementina Efifie
  69. Sr. Chizoba Anuniru
  70. Sr. Mary John Okereafor
  71. Sr. Olachi Augusta Ewurum
  72. Sr. LuciaMaris Okeke
  73. Sr. Olivia Akaire

Number of Sisters in Temporary Vows – 43


  1. Sr. Augustine Ossai 15th Dec., 1999
  2. Sr. Emmanuel Ubah 27th Dec., 2007
  3. Sr. Ignatius Nwokeyi 14th July 2010
  1. Sr. Chiazagom Margaret Mary Arinze 25th June, 2013
  2. Sr. Chisom Mary Magdaleen Egbujor 24th Sept., 2016