Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus

Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus

Founded, Date/Place 15th Jan 1931, Calabar
Foundress Mother Mary Charles Magdalen Walker, RSC.
Canonical Status Pontifical Status
Motto Love and service
Charism All-Embracing Charity
Mission Statement Faithful to Gospel values and the charism of our foundress and attentive to the signs of the times, we the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus, commit ourselves to the transformation of lives through our prophetic witness of vowed life, community living, participatory leadership and apostolic ministry with special option for the poor women and children.
Purpose To promote the glory of God, make Christ better known and loved and provide for the members' own greater perfection and salvation.

Mother Leonie- Martha O' Karaga, HHCJ
Superior General: Mother Leonie- Martha O' Karaga, HHCJ

Generalate HHCJ Ifuho
P.O. Box 155
Akwa Ibom State

Mobile: 0803-668-5734

Email: ifuhandmaids@yahoo.com

Our Apostolate

Our Congregation is called
The Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus' (H.H.C.J.) and was founded by Sister Mary Charles Magdalen Walker on January 15, 1931.

The inspiration, which our Mother Mary Charles Magdalen Walker received from the Holy Spirit and handed down to us is that of 'all embracing charity', which has its foundation in personal love for Christ and humanity. The model and patronage of our Religious consecration is the Blessed Virgin Mary who first declared "I am the Handmaid of the Lord, Be it done unto me according to your word" (Luke 1:38). In her, we find the model of deep faith, humility, zeal, absolute trust in Divine Providence and a delicate attentive service to others. From her we draw the spirit of the Congregation, which is that of "all-embracing charity" manifesting itself in our motto of "Love and Service".

Sister Mary Charles Magdalen Walker, an Irish Sister of Charity (now known as Religious Sisters of Charity), came to Nigeria in 1923 at the invitation of Bishop Joseph Shanahan, CSSp. She came to help in the work of Evangelization and most especially in the area of women's Education. Mother Mary Charles Magdalen Walker lived out the preaching of being 'all things to all people' as she engaged in any ministry that would uplift the standard of life of the people she served.

She was an Educator, a Medical Personnel, an Evangelist and a Social Worker.

Our primary apostolate consists in the witness of our consecrated life, fostered by prayer, penance and apostolic ministry through:

Through Education at all levels, ranging from Nursery Schools to Universities, we share in the teaching ministry of Christ as we teach, train and prepare our students to meet the challenges of life and not just to obtain the Certificates. Our ministry extends to special Schools for the handicapped children and adults. Love, justice and dedication are the characteristics of our Schools.

Through medical services, we participate in the healing ministry of Christ and serve the sick and suffering with love, patience and sympathy through improved health-care services in Clinics, Dispensaries, Primary Health Care Programmes, Maternity Homes, Homes for the aged, hospice and hospitals. Home-based nursing is also within our ministry, as we work for the spiritual and material well being of all without discrimination.

Pastoral Ministry:
In our pastoral ministry, we follow the gospel mandate to "Go, teach all the nations ..." and impart the gospel message to different classes of people. Since the young are the foundation on which to build a strong local Church, we take pains to organize Catechism classes for children in order to give them moral instructions and inculcate in them sound religious discipline. We engage in Religious Education Programme, Retreats, Workshops, Parish and Prison Ministries.

Social Service:
Here we attempt to imitate the love, sympathy, and concern of Christ as we serve the under-privileged in our society, such as the orphans, single parents, unwanted babies, prisoners, mentally ill and other marginalized persons. We engage in Economic empowerment of women at all levels and encourage personal and community effort for self-help. We also engage in Agricultural programmes, smallscale industries for self-reliance and creation of job opportunities for the unemployed poor of our society.

Missionary Service:
As members of the Church which is missionary in nature, we undertake missionary apostolate by readily and willingly going forth to manifest God's love in His people, even "to the ends of the earth". In our missionary apostolic activities, we try to adapt to local conditions and identify with the people, after the example of Mother Mary Charles Walker, our Foundress.

Mother Mary Charles Magdalen Walker arrived Calabar, Nigeria in 1923 at the invitation of Bishop Joseph Shanahan, CSSp.

The Generalate of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus which is the Principal house of the Congregation is located in Ifuho, Ikot Ekpene Diocese, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

The Congregation of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus has houses in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Italy, Germany, England, the United States of America, Canada and Grenada.

The Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus has 779 professed members.

The Congregation has 114 professed members working/serving outside Nigeria.

Formation Houses:
Our Congregation has three formation houses;
Novitiate HHCJ,Kakwagom, Boki, Cross River State
Novitiate HHCJ, Eriam, Afaha Obong, Akwa Ibom State
Novitiate HHCJ, Nsoatre, Sunyani, Ghana.

Sisters in Pepertual Vows

  1. Sr. Mary Agnes Bassey, HHCJ
  2. Sr. Marie Anne Iwoh, HHCJ
  3. Sr. Esther Rosaleen Agugo, HHCJ
  4. Sr. Sylvia Edet, HHCJ
  5. Sr. Lucy Ekwere , HHCJ
  6. Sr. Mary Thomas Bisong, HHCJ
  7. Sr. Mary Emmanuel Onyekwelu, HHCJ
  8. Sr. Theresa Bisong, HHCJ
  9. Sr. Marie Cecile Okoro, HHCJ
  10. Sr. Mary Dolores Inkoom, HHCJ
  11. Sr. Mary Rosario Umoh, HHCJ
  12. Sr. Mary Liguore Okure, HHCJ
  13. Sr. Mary Veronica Enang, HHCJ
  14. Sr. Maria Assumpta Okereke, HHCJ
  15. Sr. Mary Perpetua Osei-Wusu, HHCJ
  16. Sr. Juliana Ekerete, HHCJ
  17. Sr. Mary Charles Wills-Obong ,HHCJ
  18. Sr. Mary Rita Abang, HHCJ
  19. Sr. Margaret Mary Ntrakwah, HHCJ
  20. Sr. Mary Alphonsus Akpan, HHCJ
  21. Sr. Mary Baptista Desbordes, HHCJ
  22. Sr. Mary Daniel Obot, HHCJ
  23. Sr. Marie Louise Azide, HHCJ
  24. Sr. Gladys Brobbey, HHCJ
  25. Sr. Catherine Ofori, HHCJ
  26. Sr. Charles Lwanga Ikung, HHCJ
  27. Sr. Rosemary Essien, HHCJ
  28. Sr. Appolonia Anulunko, HHCJ
  29. Sr. Marie Jean Frances Dabuoh, HHCJ
  30. Sr. Veronica Mgboh, HHCJ
  31. Sr. Victoria Munis, HHCJ
  32. Sr. Roseline Chukwuma, HHCJ
  33. Sr. Bernadette Honny, HHCJ
  34. Sr. Beatrice Okonkwo, HHCJ
  35. Sr. Janet Nwokpo, HHCJ
  36. Sr. Mary Dorothy Honny, HHCJ
  37. Sr. Helen Amuzu, HHCJ
  38. Sr. Agatha Mozie, HHCJ
  39. Sr. Mary Tuku, HHCJ
  40. Sr. Maria- Eunice Atsu, HHCJ
  41. Sr. Margaret Therese Ukeh, HHCJ
  42. Sr. Mary Juliana Ada, HHCJ
  43. Sr. Mary Magdalene Ashi, HHCJ
  44. Sr. Patricia Okwuo, HHCJ
  45. Sr. Chad Udo Umoren, HHCJ
  46. Sr. Vivien Okereke, HHCJ
  47. Sr. Cornelia Nwachukwu, HHCJ
  48. Sr. Mother Mary Langley, HHCJ
  49. Sr. Martha Kalu, HHCJ
  50. Sr. Mildred Okon, HHCJ
  51. Sr. Eugenia Atta Paidoo, HHCJ
  52. Sr. Mother Leonie-Martha O`Karaga, HHCJ
  53. Sr. Anastasia Njoku, HHCJ
  54. Sr. Mary Bernadette Igwe, HHCJ
  55. Sr. Bernadette Ezeyi, HHCJ
  56. Sr. Mary Dorothy Ugi, HHCJ
  57. Sr. Josephine Udie, HHCJ
  58. Sr. Thaddeus Ohaya, HHCJ
  59. Sr. Philomena Umanah, HHCJ
  60. Sr. Patricia Ndinwa, HHCJ
  61. Sr. Julia Idiong, HHCJ
  62. Sr. Regina Ozuzu,HHCJ
  63. Sr. Margaret Mary Ejiogu, HHCJ
  64. Sr. Regina Essiet, HHCJ
  65. Sr. Magdalene Ita, HHCJ
  66. Sr. Francesca Ajayi, HHCJ
  67. Sr. Juliana Iwueke, HHCJ
  68. Sr. Mary Michael Ofem, HHCJ
  69. Sr. Gerald Anyaegbunam, HHCJ
  70. Sr. Therese Anne Afangideh, HHCJ
  71. Sr. Agnes J. Umoren, HHCJ
  72. Sr. Maria Jacinta Enang, HHCJ
  73. Sr. Maria Lucy Afangideh, HHCJ
  74. Sr. Veronica Omocho, HHCJ
  75. Sr. Jane Therese Njoku, HHCJ
  76. Sr. Margaretta S. H. Isineyi, HHCJ
  77. Sr. Caroline Ezeorizu, HHCJ
  78. Sr. Gemma Udogu, HHCJ
  79. Sr. Linda Nwachukwu, HHCJ
  80. Sr. Christiana Ikegwu, HHCJ
  81. Sr. Mary Virginia Udo, HHCJ
  82. Sr. Caroline Mbonu, HHCJ
  83. Sr. Victoria Okor, HHCJ
  84. Sr. Rose Petra Obasaju, HHCJ
  85. Sr. Mary Amadi, HHCJ
  86. Sr. Maria Pacelli Imuor, HHCJ
  87. Sr. Cecilia Obinyeluaku, HHCJ
  88. Sr. Caroline Aneke, HHCJ
  89. Sr. Cecile Marie Nwaeze, HHCJ
  90. Sr. Ngozi Frances Uti, HHCJ
  91. Sr. Germaine Ocansey, HHCJ
  92. Sr. Patience Quayson, HHCJ
  93. Sr. Celestina Anukam, HHCJ
  94. Sr. Charity Nkwocha, HHCJ
  95. Sr. M. Perpetua Kalu, HHCJ
  96. Sr. Virginia Amaka Asike, HHCJ
  97. Sr. Catherine Okpa, HHCJ
  98. Sr. M. Elizabeth Nwalozie, HHCJ
  99. Sr. Victoria Chikezie, HHCJ
  100. Sr. Theresa Anele, HHCJ
  101. Sr. Francisca Josephine Nzeke, HHCJ
  102. Sr. Anthonia Okonkwo, HHCJ
  103. Sr. Stella Chibuoke, HHCJ
  104. Sr. Justina Obiajunwa, HHCJ
  105. Sr. Stella M. Nworji, HHCJ
  106. Sr. Christiana Ogunbiyi, HHCJ
  107. Sr. Elizabeth Anderson, HHCJ
  108. Sr. Monica Otoo, HHCJ
  109. Sr. Paul Mary Ago, HHCJ
  110. Sr. Regina Nworah, HHCJ
  111. Sr. Florence Nworgu, HHCJ
  112. Sr. Basilia Uzoahia, HHCJ
  113. Sr. Sabina Dympna Ovuoh, HHCJ
  114. Sr. Veronica Anusionwu, HHCJ
  115. Sr. Regina A. Ayatalamuo, HHCJ
  116. Sr. Bibiana Akpagu, HHCJ
  117. Sr. Maria Ulo, HHCJ
  118. Sr. Una Ewung, HHCJ
  119. Sr. Helen Oko, HHCJ
  120. Sr. Agatha Ozah, HHCJ
  121. Sr. Rose Ada Bisong, HHCJ
  122. Sr. Bibiana Akpana Ikwun, HHCJ
  123. Sr. Osheiza Anne Otonoku, HHCJ
  124. Sr. Regina Tombere, HHCJ
  125. Sr. M. Providencia Igwe, HHCJ
  126. Sr. Augustina Eke, HHCJ
  127. Sr. Beatrice Coffie, HHCJ
  128. Sr. Patricia Osineme, HHCJ
  129. Sr. Anthonia M. Essien, HHCJ
  130. Sr. Eunice Okafor, HHCJ
  131. Sr. Marcellina Nworah, HHCJ
  132. Sr. Theresa Ashi, HHCJ
  133. Sr. Mary Chokpa, HHCJ
  134. Sr. Lucy Ochilli, HHCJ
  135. Sr. Cecilia Kalu, HHCJ
  136. Sr. Rosemary Ukata, HHCJ
  137. Sr. Caroline Uzukwu , HHCJ
  138. Sr. Lilian Nwakaonye , HHCJ
  139. Sr. Esther Ezedinachi, HHCJ
  140. Sr. Mildred Udoh, HHCJ
  141. Sr. Gloria Mary Agumagu, HHCJ
  142. Sr. Agnes Rose Kutsin, HHCJ
  143. Sr. Theresa Barnie, HHCJ
  144. Sr. Theresa Nnadi, HHCJ
  145. Sr. Bibiana Madugba, HHCJ
  146. Sr. Agnes Nnod, HHCJi
  147. Sr. Rosita Onwumechuru, HHCJ
  148. Sr. Rose Edith Abang, HHCJ
  149. Sr. Catherine Dioka, HHCJ
  150. Sr. Susan Ogu, HHCJ
  151. Sr. Anne Ariwaodo, HHCJ
  152. Sr. Anne Obiora, HHCJ
  153. Sr. Anastasia Ugoagwu, HHCJ
  154. Sr. Christiana Ntamere, HHCJ
  155. Sr. Caroline Muo, HHCJ
  156. Sr. Brigid Kpeden, HHCJ
  157. Sr. Immaculata Abalihi, HHCJ
  158. Sr. Christine Okpomeshine, HHCJ
  159. Sr. Josephine Onuoha, HHCJ
  160. Sr. Theresa Nwancha, HHCJ
  161. Sr. Justina Udebunjo, HHCJ
  162. Sr. Victoria Anyaehie, HHCJ
  163. Sr. Anne Ibeh, HHCJ
  164. Sr. Marie Esther Dibua, HHCJ
  165. Sr. Christiana Ekeoma, HHCJ
  166. Sr. Anne Onyebuchi, HHCJ
  167. Sr. Veronica Ukomadu, HHCJ
  168. Sr. Emmanuella Ladipo, HHCJ
  169. Sr. Susan Gerald Azubuike, HHCJ
  170. Sr. Patricia Aluu, HHCJ
  171. Sr. Dorothy Okpanachi, HHCJ
  172. Sr. Pauline Mary Anne Okechukwu, HHCJ
  173. Sr. Domnina Okere, HHCJ
  174. Sr. Lucy Dei, HHCJ
  175. Sr. Agnes Ijoko, HHCJ
  176. Sr. Regina Okoi Out, HHCJ
  177. Sr. Veronica Obi, HHC J
  178. Sr. Juliana Mose, HHCJ
  179. Sr. Fidelia Ogwulumba, HHCJ
  180. Sr. Jane Onyeneri, HHCJ
  181. Sr. Josephine Archibong, HHCJ
  182. Sr. Benedicta Ogike, HHCJ
  183. Sr. Stella Maris Ihejeto, HHCJ
  184. Sr. Marcellina Eze, HHCJ
  185. Sr. Monica Asomugha, HHCJ
  186. Sr. Helen Oparaku, HHCJ
  187. Sr. Francisca Okeke, HHCJ
  188. Sr. Bibiana Okoro, HHCJ
  189. Sr. Maria Anyanwuocha, HHCJ
  190. Sr. Caroline Onyeoziri, HHCJ
  191. Sr. Anthonia Uche, HHCJ
  192. Sr. Stella Usen, HHCJ
  193. Sr. Justina Nda, HHCJ
  194. Sr. Veronica Bassey, HHCJ
  195. Sr. Mary Joyce Agyeiwa, HHCJ
  196. Sr. Georgina Brenya, HHCJ
  197. Sr. Theresa Fordjour, HHCJ
  198. Sr. Cecilia Oboh, HHCJ
  199. Sr. Josephine Uduk, HHCJ
  200. Sr. Brigid M. Nta, HHCJ
  201. Sr. Matilda E. Inyang, HHCJ
  202. Sr. Josephine Ekpe, HHCJ
  203. Sr. Felicia Ejukwa, HHCJ
  204. Sr. Grace Ushie, HHCJ
  205. Sr. Jane Ogie, HHCJ
  206. Sr. Rita Otigbuo, HHCJ
  207. Sr. Rose Onuoha, HHCJ
  208. Sr. Theresa Afamefuna, HHCJ
  209. Sr. Mary Okwuosa, HHCJ
  210. Sr. Helen Umejesi, HHCJ
  211. Sr. Angela Nwaguma, HHCJ
  212. Sr. Charity Nwoko, HHCJ
  213. Sr. Clementina Ezenwuba, HHCJ
  214. Sr. Felicia Chibundu, HHCJ
  215. Sr. Mary Paulina Prah, HHCJ
  216. Sr. Felicia Zumebome, HHCJ
  217. Sr. Faustina Quayson, HHCJ
  218. Sr. Mary Louisa Asare, HHCJ
  219. Sr. Francisca Eya, HHCJ
  220. Sr. Bibiana Keke, HHCJ
  221. Sr. Maria Bassey Okon, HHCJ
  222. Sr. Irene Agbor, HHCJ
  223. Sr. Patricia Oko, HHCJ
  224. Sr. Joanna Okereke, HHCJ
  225. Sr. Mercy Ibeawuchi, HHCJ
  226. Sr. Roseline Adoga, HHCJ
  227. Sr. Francisca U. Amadi, HHCJ
  228. Sr. Caroline Anozie, HHCJ
  229. Sr. Rita Chikere, HHCJ
  230. Sr. Bernadette Uchendu, HHCJ
  231. Sr. Jane Frances Alpha, HHCJ
  232. Sr. Perpetua Samuel, HHC J
  233. Sr. Anthonia Nyiam, HHCJ
  234. Sr. Rose Oguegbe, HHCJ
  235. Sr. Immaculata Ndu, HHCJ
  236. Sr. Cordelia Okoro, HHCJ
  237. Sr. Patricia Ebiringa, HHCJ
  238. Sr. Josephine Ngama, HHCJ
  239. Sr. Philomena Madu, HHCJ
  240. Sr. Mary Magdalene Ulo, HHCJ
  241. Sr. Francisca Opara, HHCJ
  242. Sr. Lawrencia Essien, HHCJ
  243. Sr. Elizabeth Ngozi Kalu, HHCJ
  244. Sr. Anthonia Onuegbu, HHCJ
  245. Sr. Patricia Madufor, HHCJ
  246. Sr. Genevieve Inyang, HHCJ
  247. Sr. Cecilia Uzoh, HHCJ
  248. Sr. Eucharia Uwakwe, HHCJ
  249. Sr. Elizabeth Obasi, HHCJ
  250. Sr. Cordelia Nwefo, HHCJ
  251. Sr. Margaret Afrifah, HHCJ
  252. Sr. Susana Akko, HHCJ
  253. Sr. Juliana Gyamfi, HHCJ
  254. Sr. Angela Kyeraa-Manu, HHCJ
  255. Sr. Agnes Serwaa Gyasi, HHCJ
  256. Sr. Victoria Takyi Nyarko, HHCJ
  257. Sr. Philomena Nwosu, HHCJ
  258. Sr. Lucy Sarfowaa-Manu, HHCJ
  259. Sr. Monica Allegyang, HHCJ
  260. Sr. Ignatia Buabeng, HHCJ
  261. Sr. Rebecca Uzoegbunem, HHCJ
  262. Sr. Bibiana Okonkwo, HHCJ
  263. Sr. Regina Okeke, HHCJ
  264. Sr. Chima Felicitas Ihedioha, HHCJ
  265. Sr. Patricia Chigboh, HHCJ
  266. Sr. Caroline Agbor, HHCJ
  267. Sr. Roseline Oko, HHCJ
  268. Sr. Patricia Onah, HHCJ
  269. Sr. Gladys Elom, HHCJ
  270. Sr. Cecilia Ntekop, HHCJ
  271. Sr. Patience Amadike, HHCJ
  272. Sr. Jacinta Nwachukwu, HHCJ
  273. Sr. Callista Umeh , HHCJ
  274. Sr. Martina Ezue, HHCJ
  275. Sr. Theresa Maduforo, HHCJ
  276. Sr. Augustina Chukwu, HHCJ
  277. Sr. Theresa Okongor, HHCJ
  278. Sr. Josephine Bassey, HHCJ
  279. Sr. Anthonia Ekong, HHCJ
  280. Sr. Eunice Ifoegbu, HHCJ
  281. Sr. Eucharia Opara, HHCJ
  282. Sr. Eucharia Ntolkpe, HHCJ
  283. Sr. Theresa Okparaji, HH CJ
  284. Sr. Patricia Olom, HHCJ
  285. Sr. Janet Ayim, HHCJ
  286. Sr. Philomena Akem, HHCJ
  287. Sr. Pauline Abekavo, HHCJ
  288. Sr. Monica Okon, HHCJ
  289. Sr. Agnes N. Okon, HHCJ
  290. Sr. Catherine Ajoku, HHCJ
  291. Sr. Rosemary Etok Akpan, HHCJ
  292. Sr. Agnes Ime Etim, HHCJ
  293. Sr. Virginia Ejidike, HHCJ
  294. Sr. Dorothy Aniekop, HHCJ
  295. Sr. Felicia Orih, HHCJ
  296. Sr. Pauline Ene, HHCJ
  297. Sr. Veronica Nwachukwu, HHCJ
  298. Sr. Rosemary Edom, HHCJ
  299. Sr. Catherine Teteh, HHCJ
  300. Sr. Florence Awambeng, HHCJ
  301. Sr. Elizabeth Azubuko, HHCJ
  302. Sr. Priscilla Dery, HHCJ
  303. Sr. Jacinta Kuudamnura, HHCJ
  304. Sr. Scholastica Yiripare, HHCJ
  305. Sr. Mary Assumpta Taabazuing, HHCJ
  306. Sr. Ann Twumasi, HHCJ
  307. Sr. Maria G. Umoayara, HHCJ
  308. Sr. Cecilia Onyia, HHCJ
  309. Sr. Mary Veronica Balaara, HHCJ
  310. Sr. Regina Etim, HHCJ
  311. Sr. Genevieve Egan, HHCJ
  312. Sr. Eileen Iwuh, HHCJ
  313. Sr. Beatrice Eyikwaje, HHCJ
  314. Sr. Agnes Nnodu, HHCJ
  315. Sr. Virginia Obike, HHCJ
  316. Sr. Cecilia Okafor, HHCJ
  317. Sr. Stella Esirah, HHCJ
  318. Sr. Christiana Isang, HHCJ
  319. Sr. Justina Okafor, HHCJ
  320. Sr. Rosemary Chiemeke, HHCJ
  321. Sr. Dorothy Inwang, HHCJ
  322. Sr. Stella Essien, HHCJ
  323. Sr. Catherine T. Uboh, HHCJ
  324. Sr. Rita M. Etuk, HHCJ
  325. Sr. Janet Okorie, HHCJ
  326. Sr. Virginia Asiegbu, HHCJ
  327. Sr. Henrietta Okoro, HHCJ
  328. Sr. Mary Rose Anigbo, HHCJ
  329. Sr. Appolonia Oguegbulu, HHCJ
  330. Sr. Lucy Abuo, HHCJ
  331. Sr. Christiana Ogbaga, HHCJ
  332. Sr. Perpetua Anosike, HHCJ
  333. Sr. Anne Egem, HHCJ
  334. Sr. Florence Ugochukwu, HHCJ
  335. Sr. Gloria Nwaegbe, HHCJ
  336. Sr. Francisca Ilozulu, HHCJ
  337. Sr. Francisca Ene Awaji, HHCJ
  338. Sr. Mary Magdalene Ekpo, HHCJ
  339. Sr. Josephine Afangideh, HHCJ
  340. Sr. Regina Useh, HHCJ
  341. Sr. Immaculata Chukwunyere, HHCJ
  342. Sr. Beatrice Orinya, HHCJ
  343. Sr. Appolonia Obiakonwa, HHCJ
  344. Sr. Cecilia U. Okoli, HHCJ
  1. Sr. Cecilia Essien, HHCJ
  2. Sr. Felicia Agibi, HHCJ
  3. Sr. Agnes Jimmy Udoh, HHCJ
  4. Sr. Angela I. Akpabio, HHCJ
  5. Sr. Philomena Bassey, HHCJ
  6. Sr. Grace P. Akpan, HHCJ
  7. Sr. Jane Obizolu, HHCJ
  8. Sr. Priscilla N. Okannagha, HHCJ
  9. Sr. Roseline Udoh, HHCJ
  10. Sr. Benedicta Uzokwe, HHCJ
  11. Sr. Justina Umeh, HHCJ
  12. Sr. Jeanette N. Yonga, HHCJ
  13. Sr. Gertrude Etim, HHCJ
  14. Sr. Judith Ube, HHCJ
  15. Sr. Caroline Okeke, HHCJ
  16. Sr. Clara Obosi, HHCJ
  17. Sr. Christina Doggu, HHCJ
  18. Sr. Margaret Ochigbo, HHCJ
  19. Sr. Veronica Amazu, HHCJ
  20. Sr. Georgina Metu, HHCJ
  21. Sr. Beatrice Chinke, HHCJ
  22. Sr. Louisa Onyeanusi, HHCJ
  23. Sr. Eucharia Igweonu, HHCJ
  24. Sr. Ngozi Nwaenyi, HHCJ
  25. Sr. Eucharia Okwumba, HHCJ
  26. Sr. Juliana P. Okon, HHCJ
  27. Sr. Maria Ugo, HHCJ
  28. Sr. Elizabeth Agu, HHCJ
  29. Sr. Dorothy Iwunze, HHCJ
  30. Sr. Romana Uzodimm, HHCJ
  31. Sr. Josephine Agboso, HHCJ
  32. Sr. Cecilia Nkansah Boadu, HHCJ
  33. Sr. Theresa Sarfo-Pomaa, HHCJ
  34. Sr. Bernadette Ekwutife, HHCJ
  35. Sr. Maureen Obijiaku, HHCJ
  36. Sr. Faustina E. Ganaa, HHCJ
  37. Sr. Veronica Quainoo-Thompson, HHCJ
  38. Sr. Marcellina Ezenwa, HHCJ
  39. Sr. Patricia Ngwuemo, HHCJ
  40. Sr. Irene Arome, HHCJ
  41. Sr. Augustina Ifeagwu, HHCJ
  42. Sr. Helen Egberi, HHCJ
  43. Sr. Perpetua Ezejimofor, HHCJ
  44. Sr. Dorothy Atsu, HHCJ
  45. Sr. Mary Gertrude Aham, HHCJ
  46. Sr. Geraldine Emenyonu, HHCJ
  47. Sr. Fidelia Onuoha, HHCJ
  48. Sr. Emmanuella Akong, HHCJ
  49. Sr. Constance Ansong, HHCJ
  50. Sr. Dorothy Banyog-Enne, HHCJ
  51. Sr. Christiana Obosi, HHCJ
  52. Sr. Theresa Mbam, HHCJ
  53. Sr. Eucharia C. Mgbeadichie, HHCJ
  54. Sr. Juliet Onyeka, HHCJ
  55. Sr. Imelda Emmanuel Effiong, HHCJ
  56. Sr. Lawrencia Eremba, HHCJ
  57. Sr. Prisca Nzekwe, HHCJ
  58. Sr. Lilian Afugwobi, HHCJ
  59. Sr. Felicia Enechukwu, HHCJ
  60. Sr. Rosemary Anyahuru, HHCJ
  61. Sr. Vivian Maduike, HHCJ
  62. Sr. Joan Mary Akagu, HHCJ
  63. Sr. Agnes Okeke, HHCJ
  64. Sr. Mary Patience Asu, HHCJ
  65. Sr. Maria Onwuna, HHCJ
  66. Sr. Agnes Orah, HHCJ
  67. Sr. Catherine Danso-Sefah, HHCJ
  68. Sr. Agatha Kamara, HHCJ
  69. Sr. Judith Magbity, HHCJ
  70. Sr. Bernadette Moserary, HHCJ
  71. Sr. Mary Ann Orji, HHCJ
  72. Sr. Collette C. Ndunelo, HHCJ
  73. Sr. Delphine Agbor, HHCJ
  74. Sr. Rosemary Oneke Arrah, HHCJ
  75. Sr. Appolonia N. Offordum, HHCJ
  76. Sr. Clarice Orji, HHCJ
  77. Sr. Maria Perpetua Nnokwutem, HHCJ
  78. Sr. Angela A. Onwumere, HHCJ
  79. Sr. Comfort Chioma Amaefule, HHCJ
  80. Sr. Florence C. Onwuzuruike, HHCJ
  81. Sr. Benedicta U. Nwosu, HHCJ
  82. Sr. Eucharia Eneremadu, HHCJ
  83. Sr. Bibiana C. Onyekaonwu, HHCJ
  84. Sr. Mercy Oscar Abatai, HHCJ
  85. Sr. Vivienne Onwubiko, HHCJ
  86. Sr. Loretta Ovwigho, HHCJ
  87. Sr. Patricia Ofor, HHCJ
  88. Sr. Rita Ebele Ozoemene, HHCJ
  89. Sr. Maria Imaikop Ibanga, HHCJ
  90. Sr. Jovita C. Ewuruigwe, HHCJ
  91. Sr. Fidelia Nkechi Osonwa, HHCJ
  92. Sr. Gertrude Gombay, HHCJ
  93. Sr. Regina Asanta, HHCJ
  94. Sr. Rosemary Umouyoh, HHCJ
  95. Sr. Eucharia Dominic Ekpo, HHCJ
  96. Sr. Agatha Iwuegbu, HHCJ
  97. Sr. Jacinta Okon Eyo, HHCJ
  98. Sr. Felicia Anukanti, HHCJ
  99. Sr. Celine Etim Essien, HHCJ
  100. Sr. Miriam Ukawilu, HHCJ
  101. Sr. Deborah Onuoha, HHCJ
  102. Sr. Delphine Francis Ozoigbo, HHCJ
  103. Sr. Ogechi Justina Offurum, HHCJ
  104. Sr. Mary Ojonuawa Okolo, HHCJ
  105. Sr. Petronilla C. Eke, HHCJ
  106. Sr. Gloria Primus Jacob, HHCJ
  107. Sr. Harriet Tope Thomas, HHCJ
  108. Sr. Eugenia Mensah, HHCJ
  109. Sr. Eucharia O. Ugwu, HHCJ
  110. Sr. Bridget Mwingyine, HHCJ
  111. Sr. Rosemary Tameah, HHCJ
  112. Sr. Lucy Dery, HHCJ
  113. Sr. Agnes Ackah Mensah, HHCJ
  114. Sr. Margaret Mary Yamoah, HHCJ
  115. Sr. Paulyn Anyanwu, HHCJ
  116. Sr. Edith Onyema, HHCJ
  117. Sr. Jovita Nnagha, HHCJ
  118. Sr. Florence Abang, HHCJ
  119. Sr. Maria Goretti O. Nwajeri, HHCJ
  120. Sr. Luciana Agba, HHCJ
  121. Sr. Agatha C. Nwogbo, HHCJ
  122. Sr. Christiana Ekechukwu, HHCJ
  123. Sr. Maria B. Effiong, HHCJ
  124. Sr. Vivien C. Anukanti, HHCJ
  125. Sr. Comfort O. Ojobor, HHCJ
  126. Sr. Dominica Esu, HHCJ
  127. Sr. Agatha Ifenkwe, HHCJ
  128. Sr. Maria Regina Ugwu, HHCJ
  129. Sr. Margaret Mary Osuji, HHCJ
  130. Sr. Mary Bisong, HHCJ
  131. Sr. Francisca C. Amadi, HHCJ
  132. Sr. Mary Uzoma, HHCJ
  133. Sr. Theresa Ekpe, HHCJ
  134. Sr. Roseline Obasi, HHCJ
  135. Sr. Elizabeth Babalola, HHCJ
  136. Sr. Catherine Anokwuru, HHCJ
  137. Sr. Hanni Hope Mrizi, HHCJ
  138. Sr. Magdalene B. Jepkemei, HHCJ
  139. Sr. Christiana M. Kwamboka, HHCJ
  140. Sr. Theresa Chinwendu Ekeh, HHCJ
  141. Sr. Brigid Paschal Okon, HHCJ
  142. Sr. Rose Fabian Umoh, HHCJ
  143. Sr. Victoria Enefiok Etim, HHCJ
  144. Sr. Scholastica Okon Ebek, HHCJ
  145. Sr. Priscilla Nwakaego Egeruo, HHCJ
  146. Sr. Rita Onuoha, HHCJ
  147. Sr. Priscilla C. Ogbonna, HHCJ
  148. Sr. Esther C. Madu, HHCJ
  149. Sr. Patience Nwinyi, HH J
  150. Sr. Josephine N. Onyi, HHCJ
  151. Sr. Agatha Ukoh, HHCJ
  152. Sr. Helen Ihuoma Adumike, HHCJ
  153. Sr. Lilian Nnadi, HHCJ
  154. Sr. Scholastica Nworah, HHCJ
  155. Sr. Agnes Olayode, HHCJ
  156. Sr. Assumpta Aham, HHCJ
  157. Sr. Faith Idoko, HHCJ
  158. Sr. Constance Ogbonna, HHCJ
  159. Sr. Pamela Offiah, HHCJ
  160. Sr. Agnes Emmanue, HHCJ
  161. Sr. Christiana C. Ifeabunike, HHCJ
  162. Sr. Victoria Alapa, HHCJ
  163. Sr. Cornelia Darimani, HHCJ
  164. Sr. Christiana Akoeso, HHCJ
  165. Sr. Florence Bedu, HHCJ
  166. Sr. Juliana Pelbe, HHCJ
  167. Sr. Caroline Anyango, HHCJ
  168. Sr. Roseline Asuquo Okon, HHCJ
  169. Sr. Rosemary Ekpenyong, HHCJ
  170. Sr. Constance Obinna, HHCJ
  171. Sr. Pauline Nnanyere, HHCJ
  172. Sr. Martha Chi, HHCJ
  173. Sr. Grace Ozomba, HHCJ
  174. Sr. Olivia Orjiugo, HHCJ
  175. Sr. Francisca Analike, HHCJ
  176. Sr. Juliana Asuzo, HHCJ
  177. Sr. Petronilla Umunna, HHCJ
  178. Sr. Patricia Eke, HHCJ
  179. Sr. Rita Lovelyn Onwe, HHCJ
  180. Sr. Madeleine Nechi, HHCJ
  181. Sr. Stella Udoh, HHCJ
  182. Sr. Eugenia I. Ejiogu, HHCJ
  183. Sr. Callista C. Ebe, HHCJ
  184. Sr. Stella I. Egbu, HHCJ
  185. Sr. Josephine Jarigo, HHCJ
  186. Sr. Gladys Chukwu. HHCJ
  187. Sr. Stella M. Akpan, HHCJ
  188. Sr. Monica Oka Katchang, HHCJ
  189. Sr. Mary Taabu Simiyu, HHCJ
  190. Sr. Delphine Egbebu, HHCJ
  191. Sr. Juliana Onuchi, HHCJ
  192. Sr. Mary Ann Agulanna, HHCJ
  193. Sr. Anthonia Adenubi, HHCJ
  194. Sr. Benedicta Uwalaka, HHCJ
  195. Sr. Immaculata Egwim, HHCJ
  196. Sr. Rosemary Uwakwe, HHCJ
  197. Sr. Isabella Obi, HHCJ
  198. Sr. Geraldine Anugwem, HHCJ
  199. Sr. Regina Eke, HHCJ
  200. Sr. Perpetua Uchechi Nwosu, HHCJ
  201. Sr. Judith Inyanga, HHCJ
  202. Sr. Agnes Onwudiwe, HHCJ
  203. Sr. Beatrice C. Mukete, HHCJ
  204. Sr. Vivian Onyeneho, HHCJ
  205. Sr. Bernadette Okeke, HHCJ
  206. Sr. Justina Obiefuna, HHCJ
  207. Sr. Anthonia Eze, HHCJ
  208. Sr. Charity Onyejekwe, HHCJ
  209. Sr. Maureen Udemb, HHCJ
  210. Sr. Grace Odey, HHCJ
  211. Sr. Veronica Uchegbu,HHCJ
  212. Sr. Theresa Mensah, HHCJ
  213. Sr. Maria Goretti Onyeama, HHCJ
  214. Sr. Paula Bangliebo, HHCJ
  215. Sr. Rose Naatu, HHCJ
  216. Sr. Christiana D. Ekanem, HHCJ
  217. Sr. Stella Cherobon Koin, HHCJ
  218. Sr. Marietta Mutio Kioko, HHCJ
  219. Sr. Margaret Patrick Usen, HHCJ
  220. Sr. Regina Philip Ojakere, HHCJ
  221. Sr. Felicia Ekpenyong Isang, HHCJ
  222. Sr. Rose Oyanu Okwa, HHCJ
  223. Sr. Florence Ukamaka Ihionu, HHCJ
  224. Sr. Prisca Chinonye Chilekezi, HHCJ
  225. Sr. Cecilia Agianpe Akomaye, HHCJ
  226. Sr. Janet Ogar Mbey, HHCJ
  227. Sr. Vida Obaya Onoh, HHCJ
  228. Sr. Mary Samuel Agbor, HHCJ
  229. Sr. Maria Assumpta Ating, HHCJ
  230. Sr. Maria Stella Joseph Ekot, HHCJ
  231. Sr. Rufina C. Onwumelu, HHCJ
  232. Sr. Emilia Etoni Eposi, HHCJ
  233. Sr. Sabina Daanoba, HHCJ
  234. Sr. Joyce Baabereyir, HHCJ
  235. Sr. Joan Donkpiiri, HHCJ
  236. Sr. Edith Kuupan, HHCJ
  237. Sr. Mary Gyamfuah, HHCJ
  238. Sr. Judith Puozaa, HHCJ
  239. Sr. Evangeline Anyanwu, HHCJ
  240. Sr. Marion Manyo Arrey, HHCJ
  241. Sr. Sarah Eyare Bedebe, HHCJ
  242. Sr. Priscilla O. Anaekwe, HHCJ
  243. Sr. Esther Ugochi Ogwe, HHCJ
  244. Sr. Emilia Sylvester Ifot, HHCJ
  245. Sr. Eucharia Epua Obi, HHCJ
  246. Sr. Catherine Dominic Imoh, HHCJ
  247. Sr. Nancy A. Owili, HHCJ
  248. Sr. Mary Elizabeth Remi Adedeji, HHCJ
  249. Sr. Celine Mary Nwoko, HHCJ
  250. Sr. Anastasia Chioma Okolo, HHCJ
  251. Sr. Vivian Chidimma Eke, HHCJ
  252. Sr. Perpetua Chizube Nwosu, HHCJ
  253. Sr. Ursula Chinyere Ihioha, HHCJ
  254. Sr. Grace John-Emezi, HHCJ
  255. Sr. Theodora Uchechukwu Oti, HHCJ
  256. Sr. Geraldine Akpan, HHCJ
  257. Sr. Gloria Emmanuel Itokem, HHCJ
  258. Sr. Rose Udoka Ukachukwu, HHCJ
  259. Sr. Esther Bruno Ekpo, HHCJ
  260. Sr. Elizabeth Umeh, HHCJ
  261. Sr. Martha Onyechi Ali, HHCJ
  262. Sr. Prudentia Mary Nzeribe, HHCJ
  263. Sr. Maria-Clare A. Iting, HHCJ
  264. Sr. Blessing Nkaligul Abang, HHCJ
  265. Sr. Glory Enu Agbor, HHCJ
  266. Sr. Joy Manyo Ntui, HHCJ
  267. Sr. Theresa Adam Okora, HHCJ
  268. Sr. Josephine Akaakase, HHCJ
  269. Sr. Mary Ene Idede, HHCJ
  270. Sr. Emilia Ngare Ogar, HHCJ
  271. Sr. Agnes Ekpenyong Okon, HHCJ
  272. Sr. Sylvania U. Onyekwelu, HHCJ
  273. Sr. Cynthia U. Ify-Ede, HHCJ
  274. Sr. Clementina A. Rikwu, HHCJ
  275. Sr. Sylvia C. Ukaebulam, HHCJ
  276. Sr. Jacinta Nneka Nwali, HHCJ
  277. Sr. Francisca Udowelle, HHCJ
  278. Sr. Patricia C. Amadi, HHCJ
  279. Sr. Caroline Martins Ukpeh, HHCJ
  280. Sr. Mary Assumpta Mufi, HHCJ
  281. Sr. Winifred Inzu Aba-Nji, HHCJ
  282. Sr. Alextina E. Ighodalo, HHCJ
  283. Sr. Gladys Aricha Agi, HHCJ
  284. Sr. Augusta Sylvester Udoma, HHCJ
  285. Sr. Mercy A. Adeyemi, HHCJ
  286. Sr. Margaret Mary O. Ibeh, HHCJ
  287. Sr. Maryann N. Ononiwu, HHCJ
  288. Sr. Catherine O. Emeh, HHCJ
  289. Sr. Judith N. Orando, HHCJ
  290. Sr. Nelly C. Malakwen, HHCJ
  291. Sr. Alice Ewoh Bin, HHCJ
  292. Sr. Justina Ebere Ubah, HHCJ
  293. Sr. Linda U. Obiakor, HHCJ
  294. Sr. Mary Linus Ekanem, HHCJ
  295. Sr. Anne Ada Okem, HHCJ
  296. Sr. Lilian O. Onyene, HHCJ
  297. Sr. Catherine Asukwo Inuenwi, HHCJ
  298. Sr. Anthonia Nwakire, HHCJ
  299. Sr. Rosemary Pius Okon, HHCJ
  300. Sr. Scholastica Oluo, HHCJ
  301. Sr. Bertha Frimpong, HHCJ
  302. Sr. Petrina Ton, HHCJ
  303. Sr. Judith Ihuaku Orji, HHCJ
  304. Sr. Vivian Uzondu lloigwe, HHCJ
  305. Sr. Esther Chinwendu Njoku, HHCJ
  306. Sr. Lydia Anthony Dickson, HHCJ
  307. Sr. Beryl Annette Toroitich, HHCJ
  308. Sr. Vera Bi Kiekiseeh Oti, HHCJ
  309. Sr. Racheline Shalo Kamga, HHCJ
  310. Sr. MaryRose C. Mbaliri, HHCJ
  311. Sr. Euphemia N. Ikegwe, HHCJ
  312. Sr. Agnes Offor, HHCJ
  313. Sr. Angela CEffeng, HHCJ
  314. Sr. Susana Amuh, HHCJ
  315. Sr. Margaret Mary C.Nwaogu, HHCJ
  316. Sr. Racheal Peters Udoh, HHCJ
  317. Sr. Modesta U. Ndubuisi, HHCJ
  318. Sr. Eucharia I. Okeke, HHCJ
  319. Sr. Anthonia Gabriel Akpan, HHCJ
  320. Sr. Callista Ahaoma Amadi, HHCJ
  321. Sr. Catherine E. Archibong, HHCJ
  322. Sr. Dorcas Unigle Ayan, HHCJ
  323. Sr. Pauline Anyatang, HHCJ
  324. Sr. Victoria Ekpo, HHCJ
  325. Sr. Jovita I. Okeifufe, HHCJ
  326. Sr. Janet U.Aguworumba, HHCJ
  327. Sr. Mary A. Abaekere, HHCJ
  328. Sr. Cecilia Adugbo, HHCJ
  329. Sr. Augustina O. Ariko, HHCJ
  330. Sr. Mary Amoako, HHCJ
  331. Sr. Vida- Patience Gbelli –Dery, HHCJ
  332. Sr. Ernestina Serwaa Yeboah, HHCJ
  333. Sr. Angelina Onghaji Iyayi, HHCJ
  334. Sr. Veronica Dinla Jumfongai, HHCJ
  335. Sr. Maria Obianuju Achilonu, HHCJ
  336. Sr. Augustina Ukamaka Aniobi, HHCJ
  337. Sr. MiriamTerese Chigozie Inegbu, HHCJ
  338. Sr. Scholastica E. Afahanam, HHCJ
  339. Sr. Assumpta Okon Effiong, HHCJ
  340. Sr. IdaraObong E. Umohata, HHCJ
  341. Sr. Justina Omojoyinlo Olaniyi, HHCJ
  342. Sr. Charlotte Mwinkaar Sullo, HHCJ
  343. Sr. Cecilia Aba Bosomtwi, HHCJ

Number of Sisters in Temporary Vows – 101

Golden Jubilarians

  1. Sr. Mary Agnes Bassey, HHCJ
  2. Sr. Marie Anne Iwoh, HHCJ
  3. Sr. Esther Rosaleen Agugo, HHCJ
  4. Sr. Sylvia Edet, HHCJ
  5. Sr. Lucy Ekwere, HHCJ
  6. Sr. Mary Thomas Bisong, HHCJ
  7. Sr. Mary Emmanuel Onyekwelu, HHCJ
  8. Sr. Theresa Bisong, HHCJ
  9. Sr. Marie Cecile Okoro, HHCJ
  10. Sr. Mary Dolores Inkoom, HHCJ
  11. Sr. Mary Rosario Umoh, HHCJ
  12. Sr. Mary Liguore Okure, HHCJ
  13. Sr. Mary Veronica Enang, HHCJ
  1. Sr. Maria Assumpta Okereke, HHCJ
  2. Sr. Mary Perpetua Osei-Wusu, HHCJ
  3. Sr. Juliana Ekerete, HHCJ
  4. Sr. MaryCharles Wills-Obong, HHCJ
  5. Sr. Mary Rita Abang, HHCJ
  6. Sr. Margaret Mary Ntrakwah, HHCJ
  7. Sr. Mary Alphonsus Akpan, HHCJ
  8. Sr. Mary Baptista Desbordes, HHCJ
  9. Sr. Mary Daniel Obot, HHCJ
  10. Sr. Marie Louise Azide, HHCJ
  11. Sr. Gladys Brobbey, HHCJ
  12. Sr. Catherine Ofor, HHCJ


  1. Sr. Mother M. Charles Magdalen Walker Feb. 27, 1966
  2. Sr. Eucharia Ndidiamaka Osuji Jan. 10, 2003
  3. Sr. Veronica Fosuaa-Adu Jan. 11, 2011
  4. Sr. Elizabeth Offiong Jan. 19, 2014
  5. Sr. Helen Oforah Jan.20,1982
  6. Sr. Marcelina Nwachukwu Jan.28,1981
  7. Sr. Mother Mary Ignatia Bassey Jan.29,1973
  8. Sr. Margaret Okpala Feb. 19, 2012
  9. Sr. Mary Joseph Okpo March 6, 2006
  10. Sr. Mary Cyril Ukofia March 8, 1990
  11. Sr. Augustina Abuo Bisong March 13, 2013
  12. Sr. Margaret Mary Opara April 1, 1991
  13. Sr. Scholastical Afaha April 2, 2008
  14. Sr. Dorothy Queendaline Agu April 6, 2013
  15. Sr. Maria Obianujunwa Nwogbo April 26, 2013
  16. Sr. Philomena Okonkwo April 27, 2005
  17. Sr. Innocentia Okoroanyanwu April. 29, 2012
  18. Sr. M. Elizabeth Umoh May 12, 2012
  19. Sr. Josephine Ayogu May 17,2000
  20. Sr. Evangeline E. Enyi May 23, 2013
  21. Sr. Veronica Ochu May 30, 1996
  22. Sr. Marcellina Aligwe June 5, 2002
  23. Sr. Mary Pius Andews June 9, 1999
  24. Sr. Ngozi Ajaelu June 22, 1995
  25. Sr. Mary Jacinta Odoeme June 24, 2013
  26. Sr. Roseline Anyanwu June 25, 2002
  27. Sr. Mother Mary Aloysia Ugoaru July 5, 1988
  28. Sr. Uche Elizabeth Jane Okwuosa July 12, 2000
  29. Sr. Elizabeth Ajie July 17, 1976
  30. Sr. M Aloysius Ada July 23, 1991
  31. Sr. Augustina Ngwu July 26, 2011
  32. Sr. Maryy Gabriel Akpan July 26, 1987
  33. Sr. Gloria Edil August 4, 2014
  34. Sr. Christiana N. Njoku August 7, 2004
  35. Sr. Catherine Archibong August 11, 2002
  36. Sr. Christine Ogbunamiri August 11, 2002
  37. Sr. Maria Blessing Bibiana Onyebadi August 19, 2001
  1. Sr. Marguerite Joanna Moore August 19,2004
  2. Sr. Pauline Okon August 21,1996
  3. Sr. Madalen Uwemobong Ibe Sept. 18, 2012
  4. Sr. Ann Olekibe Sept. 22, 2006
  5. Sr. Angelica Ekong Sept. 23, 1989
  6. Sr. Christiana M. Timothy Idem Sept. 24, 2001
  7. Sr. Antoinette Mensah Sept. 26, 2010
  8. Sr. Anthonia Valentine Udofia Oct. 5, 2014
  9. Sr. Charity O.Anyanwu Oct. 17, 2003
  10. Sr. Mary Frances Amissah Oct. 17, 2003
  11. Sr. Mother M. Gertrude Waturuocha Nov. 1, 2001
  12. Sr. Elizabeth Nwanna Nov. 3, 1981
  13. Sr. Mother Marie T. Adude Akwe Nov. 3, 2004
  14. Sr. Theresa Bodam Abang, Nov.12, 2014
  15. Sr. Mary Genevieve Cudjoe Nov. 29, 2010
  16. Sr. Rosemary Edet Dec. I, 1993
  17. Sr. Francisca Akomeah Dec. 2, 1990
  18. Sr. Margaret Taah Dec. 2, 1990
  19. Sr. Germaine Amouh Dec. 7, 2013
  20. Sr. Mary Augustine Okon Dec. 9, 2012
  21. Sr. Stella Maris Njoku Dec. 11, 1980
  22. Sr. Emmanuella Regis Mbata Dec. 21, 2009
  23. Sr. Mary Stephen Inyang Dec. 25, 1999
  24. Sr. Mother Mary St. John Williams Dec. 27, 1981
  25. Sr. Mary Alaka May 19, 2015
  26. Sr. Dorothy Chukwuma July 22, 2015
  27. Sr. Florence Ekenachi July 29, 2015
  28. Sr. Margaret Ekeanyanwu August 27, 2015
  29. Sr. Mary Theresa Una Oct. 5, 2015
  30. Sr. Bridget Okung Feb. 9, 2016
  31. Sr. Stella Igbangv Feb. 9, 2016
  32. Sr. Mary-Judith Anuforo Feb. 9, 2016
  33. Sr. Mary Enueze Feb. 9, 2016
  34. Sr. Maria Immaculata Offiong Oct. 12, 2016
  35. Sr. Rose Ereba Oct. 16, 2016
  36. Sr. Theresa Nwanruo March 5, 2016
  37. Sr. Gabriella Ude March 3, 2016