Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ

Founded, Date/Place 7th October,1937, Onitsha, Nigeria
Founder Most Rev. Charles Heerey, CSSp
Canonical Status Pontifical Status
Motto Ad Jesum per Mariam
Charism Compassion
Purpose This Congregation of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is established for: a) The greater Glory of God. b) The greater sanctification of its members. c) The special care of the sick including maternity cases in the hospitals of the Vicariate, the care of children in orphanages, the training of women for marriage and the other Sacraments, and the education of children in the schools. Any other work of charity in keeping with the Constitutions decided on by the Vicar Apostolic.
Our Marian Spirituality Also Part of Our Patrimony

Mother Mary Claude Oguh, IHM
Superior General: Mother Mary Claude Oguh, IHM

Immaculate Heart Generalate
P.O. Box 1551,
Post Code 430001, Onitsha,
Anambra State, Nigeria



Mobile: +2347063850098

Our Apostolate

The Compassionate Response of a Great Missionary.

The Religious Institute of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ was founded on October 7, 1937.

This Religious Institute was founded by His Grace, Most Rev. Dr. Charles Heerey, C.S.Sp. of revered memory, when he was the Vicar Apostolic of Onitsha-Owerri. As a missionary priest and bishop, he witnessed the havoc that lack of health and medical services, combined with the oppressive effects of ignorance, inflicted on his flock especially the underprivileged in the 1930s. Women and children were the greatest victims.

Part of his loving and compassionate response to the situation was to found an indigenous Women Religious Institute for a better promotion of the Christian education of women and children, of works of charity and mercy among the poor and their own people. This Institute born out of the prayerful reflections of this great Herald of Christ, was the first indigenous Religious Institute of Women in Igboland founded in Nigeria to work in Nigeria and any part of the world.

Early Days: Some Experiences and Challenges
As God would have it, an opportunity for Bishop Heerey to actualize his dream of founding a women religious institute presented itself when two young ladies: MARIA ANYOGU (Late Mother Mary Bernadette Anyogu) and CLARA ORANU (Late Mother Mary Magdalene Oranu) both trained teachers and Onitsha indigenes, with courage and determination, indicated their desires to give themselves up to follow Christ.

Exactly on October 7, 1937, the mustard seed was planted at Ihiala with these two young women. Following an inspiration during his pilgrimage to Lourdes, he named the new foundation "Congregation of the Sisters of the Most Pure Heart of Mary." In the course of history this religious institute came to be known as the Religious Institute of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ.

The two candidates started their religious formation at Ihiala under the direction of SR. MARYROSE Maquire, one of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary then working in the Vicariate. For seven good years, this mustard seed grew in very humble circumstances. Between 1940 and 1943, six more girls had joined them. Their life revolved around prayer and participation in the Holy Eucharist, sessions with formators, visits to and care of lepers in leper settlements, visits to and works of compassion in the hospital, maternity homes, dispensaries, catechesis in schools and home visitations in the vicinity. They also alternated their work experiences with in-service training as teachers, nurses and midwives under the care of the Holy Rosary Sisters. Their humble and charity-filled lifestyle attracted other girls and became a challenge to many.

As the number of candidates slowly but steadily increased, Bishop Heerey started to look for a more suitable place for the Novitiate. Late Rev. Fr. Michael Foley, C.S.Sp, the then Parish Priest of St. Michael's Parish, Urualla, made relentless efforts in helping to secure and prepare the place at Urualla for the Sisters. On 6th January 1944, the feast of the Epiphany of our Lord, the first two pioneers were received into the Novitiate in a festive Eucharistic celebration in the Holy Trinity Cathedral, now the Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity, Onitsha.

In the evening of that same day, the 12 members of the new foundation made up of : 2 novices, 4 postulants, 2 aspirants and their formators moved to Urualla to settle in their new home. They met with the war reception and hospitality of the Urualla people and the local chief. Urualla has now become the Mother House of this new Institute. It is worthy to note that our Founder had earlier hinted in one of his letters to Sr. M. Rose Maquire: "I feel that Ihiala is not the place...'

Our Foundational Spirit and Charism
Every Sister of the Immaculate Heart Mary, fully aware of the SPIRIT which Archbishop Heerey impressed upon our Religious Institute from the very beginning of our foundation, strives to cultivate and live out this Spirit in her life, relying solely on the grace of God,. This SPIRIT (HUMILITY), is the soul, the dominant inner attitude which vivifies and informs our whole Institute, imprinting thereon a very distinct character, a special style of life which each sister translates into a particular way of looking at things, of judging and evaluating, of living the common life, the vows, the apostolate and of reaching out to fellow men and women.

Our founder clearly saw the need of making us realize our nothingness and dependence on God. As pride is rooted in every child of Adam, he insisted on this virtue of HUMILITY as our Spirit, making it clear to us that it is only by a long and painful process that one can attain humility.

Our Charism:
the way our founder viewed Christ, is the COMPASSION of CHRIST. This was that Gospel vision which spurred him on to courageously address the havoc caused by lack of health and medical care and the effects of ignorance inflicted on his flock, especially the underprivileged of the 1930s. Archbishop Heerey strongly impressed it on us his daughters, to strive to live out this COMPASSION in the SPIRIT of HUMILITY, that is, with no 'better-than thou' attitude. This is also part of our patrimony.

We, the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart Mary, continue to strive to keep this attitude alive in us in our communities and places of work, always seeking to imitate that sympathetic personal concern for people characteristic of the Immaculate Heart of our Mother Mary who opens her Heart to all.

Our Spirit
(HUMILITY) is one of the prominent factors of this spirituality. "AD JESUM PER MARIAM" (To Jesus through Mary) is our MOTTO, given by our Father Founder. He added: "You are the special children of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and her maternal Heart wilt lead you all safely to Jesus when you put your complete confidence in Her. Teach your novices then, mother, to have an intense devotion to Mary, to try to copy her in humility above all things..."

This intense devotion to Mary has always meant for each Immaculate Heart Sister:

♦ Her pursuing a life of permanent disposition in dependence on Mary all her life.
♦ Her seeing Mary as the path to Jesus.
♦ Her being challenged to be a "replica" of Mary, modelling her life upon the qualities of Mary's Immaculate and Apostolic Heart, especially her spotless purity, availability, quality of her prayers, humility, compassion.
♦ Adding the name 'Mary' or any of its derivations, to her profession name.
♦ Pondering on and living out the meaning of this Marian hymn of our institute:

"Mary-like in soul and body; Mary-like in mind and heart, Mary-like in every action, child of God how fair thou art. Fair to Christ and all his angels. Fair to earth since thou art seen. To be like her like to Mary, earth's and Heaven's fairest Queen... (7 verses).

As an apostolic institute we take St. Joseph and St. Therese of the child Jesus as our Patron Saints.

Today we dedicate ourselves to these services:

1. The training of women and girls in many dimensions, especially for marriage and the sacraments;
2. Special care of widows - ; founding widows' associations on the parish and diocesan levels to help them to build up and take care of themselves and all the responsibilities left for them by the passing away of their husbands; care of young single mothers and orphans;
3. Education of children in schools at all levels (Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions);
4. Special care of the sick in hospitals, dispensaries, maternities;
5. Solid Religious formation in all our schools. A catechetical school is being built equipped for this purpose.
6. Any other works of charity in conformity with the spirit of our Foundation care of lepers, rejected old men and women.
HIV/AIDS victims etc

Special contribution to the Church in Nigeria
During the three long years of deprivation, agony, uncertainty, airraids, destruction of lives and property, our Sisters were with our people praying for the return of peace. We converted parts of our maternities, clinics and schools into sick bads , kwashiorkor clinics, feeding centers for refugees. We went to the military barracks to prepare soldiers for the sacraments and help the chaplains to prepare for Holy Masses. We kept the schools open wherever they were safe to keep students and school children busy. At the end of the civil war when our expatriate missionary were repatriated, we, the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart Mary, at great risks, and by God's grace, saved and recovered some Church properties: convents, schools, hospitals, and clinics which were rendered vulnerable by the exit of those great missionaries in our part of the country, thanks to the dynamism of Rev. Mother Joseph Uzoigwe, our Mother General at that time. Our Religious Institute has gone on to be a great force in the work of evangelization in various parts of Nigeria in the schools and hospitals, and in pastoral works in various parishes where we work.

Structural Division and Missionary Outreach
Our Religious Institute is structured into 8 Regions in 11 Nations. By the grace of God, our Sisters are serving the people of God in some dioceses in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tchad, Kenya, Ghana, Ireland, England, Germany, Italy, Canada, and United States Of America.

There are 921 professed Sisters, 53 novices, 84 postulants, 590 aspirants, who are already in their different stages serving, forming, preparing themselves for a life-long authentic prophetic witnessing to Christ in our world today. 215 are working outside Nigeria. Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ

Administrative Headquarter
Immaculate Heart Generalate
P. O. Box 1551, Post Code 430001
Onitsha Anambra State, Nigeria
Tel: +234-046-210765

Formation Houses
1. Immaculate Heart Postulate
Oguta Road
P. O. Box 3541, Post Code 430001

Onitsha: Anambra State
Tel. 046-211479, 08037618399
2. Immaculate Heart Novitiate
P. O. Box 29, Post Code 430001

Nkpor: Idemili North L.G.A
Anambra State
Tel. 046-251300
3. Immaculate Heart Scholasticate
P. O. Box 704, Post Code 400001
Enugu, Enugu State

1. Immaculate Heart Postulate
P. O. Box 29

2. Immaculate Heart Novitiate
P. O. Box 142

Ejisu-Besease, Ghana

1. Immaculate Heart Postulate Riara
P. O. Box 19, Post Code 00900

2. Immaculate Heart Novitiate
P. O. Box 15312, Post Code 00509

Tel: +254-(0)20-890928

Sisters in Perpetual Vows

  1. Sr. Mary Rosarii Munonye
  2. Sr. Mary Stanislaus Eńeremadu
  3. Sr. Margaret Mary Udeh
  4. Sr. Mary Bernard Dimgba
  5. Sr. Mary Josephine Anyansi
  6. Sr. Mother Mary Joseph Uzoigwe
  7. Sr. Mary Regina Anyaegbunam
  8. Sr. Mary Pauline Okoroafor
  9. Sr. Mary Perpetua Nwogwugwu
  10. Sr. Mary Assumpta Njoku
  11. Sr. Mary Stephen Asimole
  12. Sr. Mary Ignatius Isiguzo
  13. Sr. Mary Consolata Anyacho
  14. Sr. Mary Stella Ohaegbulem
  15. Sr. Mary Patrick Onyebueke
  16. Sr. Mary Dominic Nwokoma
  17. Sr. Mary Rosaire Emenike
  18. Sr. Mary Camillus Nwokocha
  19. Sr. Mary Alphonsus Agu
  20. Sr. Mary de Montfort Agulanna
  21. Sr. Mary Jude Gubo
  22. Sr. Mary Veronica Njoku
  23. Sr. Mary Constancia Eke
  24. Sr. Mary Joannes Anyanwu
  25. Sr. Mary Philomena Ezimoha
  26. Sr. Mary Augustine Ukah
  27. Sr. Mary Vianney Okereke
  28. Sr. Mary des Victoires Ichoku
  29. Sr. Mary Gemma Onyeji
  30. Sr. Mary Paschal Onuoha
  31. Sr. Mary Gabriel Amaku
  32. Sr. Mary Thomas Anyanwu
  33. Sr. Mary Loretto Therese Eledo
  34. Sr. Mary Loyola Anidi
  35. Sr. Mary Majella Okeke
  36. Sr. Mary Benignus Anyika
  37. Sr. Mary Barbara Okorie
  38. Sr. Mary de Chantal onuoha
  39. Sr. Mary Cyprain Uwakwe
  40. Sr. Mary Sylvester Nnadi
  41. Sr. Mary Angela Okolo
  42. Sr. Mary Benedicta Anunwa
  43. Sr. Joseph Mary Ezigbo
  44. Sr. Mary Alexis Ikekamma
  45. Sr. Mary Genevieve Igbodiegwu
  46. Sr. Miriam Regina Onyeka
  47. Sr. Mary Euphrasia Okeke
  48. Sr. Mary Germaine Nwobodo
  49. Sr. Mary Xavier Amaechi
  50. Sr. Mary Aloysia Ohaeri
  51. Sr. Mary Francis Regis Ojiakor
  52. Sr. Mother Mary Dominica Odita
  53. Sr. Mary Teresita Ike
  54. Sr. Mary Carmelita Akubilo
  55. Sr. Mary Ursula Ekwe
  56. Sr. Mary Helen Nwogwugwu
  57. Sr. M. Benigna Oluoha
  58. Sr. Mary Innocent Ibeh
  59. Sr. Maria Dolores Idigo
  60. Sr. Marie Antoinette Agu
  61. Sr. Mary Scholastica Chukwu
  62. Sr. Mary Madeline Sophie Ozowala
  63. Sr. Mary Bernadine Utazi
  64. Sr. Mary Stella Therese Amu
  65. Sr. Mary Lelia Idigo
  66. Sr. Mother Mary Joseph Ann Anochie
  67. Sr. Mary Caritas Emerenini
  68. Sr. Maria Redemptoris Egbujor
  69. Sr. Therese Mary Anele
  70. Sr. Mary Henry Onwuka
  71. Sr. Mary Francis Xavier Anaduaka
  72. Sr. Marie Therese Okoro
  73. Sr. Mary Uchechukwu Anyanwu
  74. Sr. Maria Josephina Okonkwo
  75. Sr. Mary Rose Anne Onyeme
  76. Sr. Mary Onyewuchi Ekechukwu
  77. Sr. Mary Ikechukwu Amadi
  78. Sr. Mary Uchenna Asoegwu
  79. Sr. Mary Ugochukwu Anusionwu
  80. Sr. Mary Lawrence Ezeugo
  81. Sr. Mary Cornelius Udeh
  82. Sr. Mary Louis Oparah
  83. Sr. Mary Calasantus Kemakolam
  84. Sr. Mary Trinitas Umeh
  85. Sr. Mary Dorothy Onye
  86. Sr. Maureen Lourdes Osuala
  87. Sr. Mary Geraldine Emechebe
  88. Sr. Mary Francisca Onwuamaeze
  89. Sr. Mary Raphael Therese Okeke
  90. Sr. Mary Sabina Okpalaeze
  91. Sr. Mary Cecile Umenwunne
  92. Sr. Rose Mary Ezenwaka
  93. Sr. Mary Anastasia Okonkwo
  94. Sr. Mary Rose Virginia Ibeh
  95. Sr. Mary Kieran Ebunilo
  96. Sr. Mary Felix Agu
  97. Sr. Mary Emmanuela Cordis Ezeobi
  98. Sr. Mary Cornelia Nwaturuocha
  99. Sr. Mary Alphonsus Therese Ebebe
  100. Sr. Mary Emmanuela Ezeasor
  101. Sr. Miriam Francis Amaechi
  102. Sr. Mary Leonard Ezego
  103. Sr. Mary Thecla Ani
  104. Sr. Mary Rosette Ejezube
  105. Sr. Mary Julia Odenigbo
  106. Sr. Miriam Perpetua Egbuna
  107. Sr. Mary Augusta Olimma
  108. Sr. Mary Victor Ndukwu
  109. Sr. Mary Bibiana Muoneke
  110. Sr. Mary Colette Obika
  111. Sr. Mary Breda Chilaka
  112. Sr. Mary Cajetan Anyanwu
  113. Sr. Mary Prudentiana Ifedigbo
  114. Sr. Mary Christopher Ibegwam
  115. Sr. Mary Callistus Nwobu
  116. Sr. Mary Vitalis Nwogwugwu
  117. Sr. Agnes Mary Nsofor
  118. Sr. Mary de Pazzi Ikwuegbu
  119. Sr. Maureen des Victoires Olisa
  120. Sr. Mary Bridget Okeakpu
  121. Sr. M. Bernadette Soubrious Obasi
  122. Sr. Patricia Mary Enemuo
  123. Sr. Mary Beth Anumba
  124. Sr. Mary Agatha Uzodimma
  125. Sr. Mary Felicia Opara
  126. Sr. Mary Bernadette Lourdes Anwulorah
  127. Sr. Mary Anthonia Ekwelem
  128. Sr. Mary Clarice Nwachi
  129. Sr. Mary Virginia Onuorah
  130. Sr. Rose Marieth Ndupu
  131. Sr. Mary Theophilia Chukwuka
  132. Sr. Mary Jovita Ezeani
  133. Sr. Mary Leonie Nwaiwu
  134. Sr. Mary Constance Chikwendu
  135. Sr. Mary Fidelia Omutah
  136. Sr. Mary Roseleen Ihejirika-Emeribe
  137. Sr. Mary Assumpta Regie Ugwuanyi
  138. Sr. Mary Elizabeth Enunwa
  139. Sr. Mary Kathleen Ndugbu
  140. Sr. Mary Angeleen Ezeanya
  141. Sr. Mary Paulette Ukamba
  142. Sr. Maureen Paracleta Chukwu
  143. Sr. Mary Cordelia Osuala
  144. Sr. Mary Louisa Igwilo
  145. Sr. Mary Martha Ozigbo
  146. Sr. Mary Claret Mbagwu
  147. Sr. Mary Flora Cordis Alagwu
  148. Sr. Mary Leontia Unegbu
  149. Sr. Mary Suzette Edokwe
  150. Sr. Austin Mona Nwaka
  151. Sr. Mary Caroline Onye
  152. Sr. Mary Liguori Ibeh
  153. Sr. Mary Agnita Maduka
  154. Sr. Raphaela Maria Nnorom
  155. Sr. Maria Stella Obioma
  156. Sr. Mary Polycarp Ogbuehi
  157. Sr. Marietta Ann Okpala
  158. Sr. Mary Carmela Omalu
  159. Sr. Mary Clarine Onyeji
  160. Sr. Maria Pieta Onyenuforo
  161. Sr. Mary Annette Ejike
  162. Sr. Mary Joy Orgu
  163. Sr. Helen Mary Ebere
  164. Sr. Mary Boniface Okolo
  165. Sr. Mary Thaddeus Edozie
  166. Sr. Maria Giovanni Philips
  167. Sr. Mary Cosmas Ngwu
  168. Sr. Cordis Mariae Achike
  169. Sr. Mary Norah Ndubuizu
  170. Sr. Mary Beatrice Ehirim
  171. Sr. Maureen Mark Iwu
  172. Sr. Mary Petronilla Umunnakwe
  173. Sr. Mary Celia Eke
  174. Sr. Mary Evelyn Paula Onodingene
  175. Sr. Mary Carolus Attamah
  176. Sr. Mary Edwina Igwe
  177. Sr. Mary Mercy Nwankwo
  178. Sr. Mary Etienne Nwosu
  179. Sr. Mary Clementia Ogbuchi
  180. Sr. Mary Nazarine Oghenejode
  181. Sr. Mary Florentina Onuorah
  182. Sr. Mary Epiphania Udegbunam
  183. Sr. Mary Gloria Iloka
  184. Sr. Mary Providentia Marinze
  185. Sr. Mary Fidelis Onumajuru
  186. Sr. Mary Rosabelle Ezeobi
  187. Sr. Mary Casimir Anyanwu
  188. Sr. Margarita Maria Ezeliorah
  189. Sr. Mary Fides Chukwumah
  190. Sr. Mary Grace Ekwu
  191. Sr. Mary Olivia Nwosu
  192. Sr. Mary Leander Okasi
  193. Sr. Mary Valentia Okeke
  194. Sr. Mary Valerie Okoye
  195. Sr. Mary Margaret Ann Enedo
  196. Sr. Mary Joan Iwenofu
  197. Sr. Mary Laurentia Obikwelu
  198. Sr. Mary Lydia Akubuko
  199. Sr. Mary Sylvia Duru
  200. Sr. Mary Bennet Ezeokoli
  201. Sr. Mary Nicholette Ihenacho
  202. Sr. Mary Alma Ihezue
  203. Sr. Mary Salome Ike
  204. Sr. Mary Domitilla Ilione
  205. Sr. Mary Gaudentia Nwankwo
  206. Sr. Mary Theophane Nwolisa
  207. Sr. Mary Euphemia Ugwu
  208. Sr. Mary Malachy Uzowulu
  209. Sr. Mary Veneranda Emerah
  210. Sr. Mary Josepha Awusiobi
  211. Sr. Mary Augustina Umensofor
  212. Sr. Mary Aniella Anuforo
  213. Sr. Mary Clementina Ekedum
  214. Sr. Mary Benjamin Elochukwu
  215. Sr. Mary Noelle Eze
  216. Sr. Maria Rosa Ogudebe
  217. Sr. Mary Odilia Uzoh
  218. Sr. Mary Agnella Aja
  219. Sr. Mary Placida Idigo
  220. Sr. Mary Ignatia Okafor
  221. Sr. Maria Purissima Nwabufor
  222. Sr. Mary Laurette Madu
  223. Sr. Mary Fiat Ewuruje
  224. Sr. Mary Henrietta Frances Chukwurah
  225. Sr. Maria Concepta Mensah
  226. Sr. Mary Philo Cordis Nwachukwu
  227. Sr. Mary Seraphina Kurume
  228. Sr. Maria Modesta Okafor
  229. Sr. Mary Patience Nzekwe
  230. Sr. Mary Bellarmine Nwabunwanne
  231. Sr. Mary Eustace Ukwuije
  232. Sr. Maria Sedes Ihenacho
  233. Sr. Mary Rose Catherine Eze
  234. Sr. Mary Patrick Anthony Nwaeri
  235. Sr. Mary Adrian Eze
  236. Sr. Mary Marcella Amaefule
  237. Sr. Maria Amabilis Ukpabia
  238. Sr. Mary Philippina Apaw
  239. Sr. Maria Stella Maris Dilibe
  240. Sr. Mary Christie Agubike
  241. Sr. Maria Sapientiae Ameke
  242. Sr. Mary Lima Anyoha
  243. Sr. Mary de Porres Ilo
  244. Sr. Mary Annunciata Cordis Okafor
  245. Sr. Mary Basil Okeke
  246. Sr. Angel Mary Uba
  247. Sr. Mary Harriet Uba
  248. Sr. Mary Margaret Therese Kiuma
  249. Sr. Maureen Goretti Nabutola
  250. Sr. Maria Vera Aghanu
  251. Sr. Mary Delphine Aladi
  252. Sr. Mary Clothilda Anoghalu
  253. Sr. Maria Potens Anomi
  254. Sr. Stella Maureen Ibekwe
  255. Sr. Maria Angelicus Ike
  256. Sr. Mary Florence Ohiagbaji
  257. Sr. Maria Phina Onoh
  258. Sr. Maureen Scholastica Muoghalu
  259. Sr. Marie Andrea Anigbogu
  260. Sr. Mary Therese Martin Abaronye
  261. Sr. Maria Bernardina Onwuka
  262. Sr. Mary Jane Patrick Madu
  263. Sr. Mary John Cecile Idigo
  264. Sr. Assumpta Maria Ihezue
  265. Sr. Mary Basilia Alisa
  266. Sr. Mary Rosanna Emenusiobi
  267. Sr. Miriam Joseph Enemuo
  268. Sr. Mary Rose Confidence Maduka
  269. Sr. Mary Rosie Onwuzulike
  270. Sr. Maira Pacelli Lagat
  271. Sr. Maria Consolatrix Kitonyi
  272. Sr. Mary Kathie Mutiso
  273. Sr. Maria Genitrix Fordjour
  274. Sr. Mary Laetitia Ofoma
  275. Sr. Mary Onyedikachukwu Eyisi
  276. Sr. Mary Toochukwu Ihuoha
  277. Sr. Mary Evaristus Mbakwere
  278. Sr. Mary Chinwendu Mbamara
  279. Sr. Mary Michael Raphael Nwakor
  280. Sr. Mary Dympna Nwoko
  281. Sr. Mary Eugenia Offor
  282. Sr. Mary Millicent Okoye
  283. Sr. Mary Ferdinand Onwumelu
  284. Sr. Marie Michelle Orajekwe
  285. Sr. Mary Chinonye Ubajaka
  286. Sr. Mary Justin Uzoh
  287. Sr. Mary Gilbert Ekwomadu
  288. Sr. Mary Patrice Emegwa
  289. Sr. Mary Oliver Nnabuike
  290. Sr. Mary Theodore Nwokwu
  291. Sr. Mary Charles Obayi
  292. Sr. Mary Callista Obi
  293. Sr. Mary Jerome Obiorah
  294. Sr. Mary Lucia Odaghara
  295. Sr. Mary Verona Okoye
  296. Sr. Mary Edith Onyilo
  297. Sr. Mary Denis Adu-Birago
  298. Sr. Mary Joachim Adu-Poku
  299. Sr. Maria Gabriella Antwi Boasiako
  300. Sr. Mary Laura Anyanwu
  301. Sr. Mary Anne Agwu
  302. Sr. Mary Matilda Nuamah
  303. Sr. Maria Thomasina Ilo
  304. Sr. Mary Maurice Njoku
  305. Sr. Mary Kenechukwu Ozioko
  306. Sr. Mary Chukwubuikem Okoye
  307. Sr. Mary Chukwudi Ubah
  308. Sr. Mary Carmel Mukhale
  309. Sr. Mary Albert Akello
  310. Sr. Mary Luciana Wanyahoro
  311. Sr. Mary Donatus Kilolo
  312. Sr. Maria Domitilla Mbatha
  313. Sr. Marie Jacqueline Githire
  314. Sr. Mary Evangeline Agu
  315. Sr. Maria Paschalina Ezechukwu
  316. Sr. Mother Mary Claude Oguh
  317. Sr. Mary Onyinyechukwu Okoye
  318. Sr. Marie de Marillac Onyemobi
  319. Sr. Mary Charlotte Ansah
  320. Sr. Mary Sheila Wiredu
  321. Sr. Mary Eusebius Anyama
  322. Sr. Mary Theonilla Chukwu
  323. Sr. Mary Donald Emeh
  324. Sr. Mary Delia Mokwe
  325. Sr. Mary Odinakachukwu Nwosu
  326. Sr. Maria Corona Okpala
  327. Sr. Mary Savio Okpala
  328. Sr. Mary Juliet Okafor
  329. Sr. Maria Inviolata Wanjala
  330. Sr. Maria Pacis Dimanyaeji
  331. Sr. Mary Norbert Ezenwanne
  332. Sr. Mary Immaculata Njoku
  333. Sr. Mary Doris Anne Okere
  334. Sr. Mary Chukwunonso Oparah
  335. Sr. Maria Pedro Opara
  336. Sr. Mary Bruno Ezechukwu
  337. Sr. Maria Stefania Nworah
  338. Sr. Mary Peter Damian Onyeanu
  339. Sr. Maria Angelica Dike
  340. Sr. Mary Chukwuka Okoli
  341. Sr. Mary Endalene Mozie
  342. Sr. Mary Alberta Chukwukebe
  343. Sr. Mary Pius Osei-Ahenkuro
  344. Sr. Mary Philippo Obi
  345. Sr. Mary Joana Baidoo
  346. Sr. Mary Maximillian Nyarko
  347. Sr. Mary Joyce Aja
  348. Sr. Maria Echezonachukwu Dim
  349. Sr. Mary Bridie Ekwugha
  350. Sr. Mary Anthoninus Ezeobiagwu
  351. Sr. Mary Michael Therese Ezike
  352. Sr. Mary Alice Okonkwo
  353. Sr. Mary Elochukwu Oraekwute
  354. Sr. Mary Theodoret Madu
  355. Sr. Mary Bertha Emeagi
  356. Sr. Maria Madonna Maduike
  357. Sr. Mary Kevin Kariuki
  358. Sr. Mary Greta Aluma
  359. Sr. Mary Christine Ugobi-Onyemere
  360. Sr. Mary Ita Ekwem
  361. Sr. Mary Priscilla Ohawuchi
  362. Sr. Mary Karl Onuorah
  363. Sr. Mary Austin Osuji
  364. Sr. Miriam Cordis Ngwu
  365. Sr. Jose Maria Emetuche
  366. Sr. Mary Chukwuemeka Ojimba
  367. Sr. Maria Salem Nwogwugwu
  368. Sr. Mary George Boakye-Danqua
  369. Sr. Maria Regina Mgbakor
  370. Sr. Maria Philipeen Osei-Wusu
  371. Sr. Mary Freida Agble
  372. Sr. Maria Paula Anigbo
  373. Sr. Mary Chukwuma Agomuo
  374. Sr. Mary Justina Akum
  375. Sr. Maria Chukwunyelu Aniebonam
  376. Sr. Mary Leo Nwadim
  377. Sr. Mary Chukwudiebele Ike
  378. Sr. Miriam Agatha Ikpa
  379. Sr. Mary Ogochukwu Udemba
  380. Sr. Mary Lucy Immaculate Githinji
  381. Sr. Mary Lucinda Muohi
  382. Sr. Mary Lucille Njoroge
  383. Sr. Mary Rosalia Kathendu
  384. Sr. Mary John Philip Nebo
  385. Sr. Assumpta Mary Ikenna
  386. Sr. Mary Christina Obinwa
  387. Sr. Mary Clavia Ifediba
  388. Sr. Mary Lena Muoneke
  389. Sr. Mary Zita Nwakor
  390. Sr. Mary Dorette Okoye
  391. Sr. Mary Brendan Kimani
  392. Sr. Mary William Jeptarus Samoei
  393. Sr. Mary Dorothea Orji
  394. Sr. MariaTheresia Asomugha
  395. Sr. Mary Celine Siratei
  396. Sr. Mary Adelaide Ndilu
  397. Sr. Mary Matthew Barasa
  398. Sr. Mary Amalachukwu Oguadimma
  399. Sr. Mary Berthie Udorji
  400. Sr. Mary Appolonia Anyanwu
  401. Sr. Mary Anselm Nwachukwu
  402. Sr. Mary Consilia Egwim
  403. Sr. Maria Justitiae Amuh
  404. Sr. Mary Evangelista Iheanacho
  405. Sr. Maria Chukwubueze Ngerem
  406. Sr. Maria Chukwuebuka Okafor
  407. Sr. Mary Prudentia Akaniro
  408. Sr. Mary Romanus Nwosu
  409. Sr. Mary Benita Aguguo
  410. Sr. Mary Patricius Offurum
  411. Sr. Mary Irene Ann Anyalebechi
  412. Sr. Maria Amadeus Egbonu
  413. Sr. Maria Petra Akametalu
  414. Sr. Mary Eucharista Okoli
  415. Sr. Mary Clare Emechebe
  416. Sr. Maria Flavian Iwu
  1. Sr. Mary Noeleen Obi
  2. Sr. Mary Julita Orazulume
  3. Sr. Mary Prisca Eleanya
  4. Sr. Mary Nesta Ekenedilinna Ezeanya
  5. Sr. Mary Lucella Ukaegbu
  6. Sr. Miriam Florence Osuji
  7. Sr. Maria Theresiana Uchegbu
  8. Sr. Miriam Constancia Aniekwe
  9. Sr. Maria Michaelina Ezepue
  10. Sr. Mary Noela Anele
  11. Sr. Mary Christian Igwemma
  12. Sr. Mary Therese Ann Ugwuja
  13. Sr. Maria Uzochukwu Ozor
  14. Sr. Maria Ifunanyachukwu Umeh
  15. Sr. Mary Jane Aririguzo
  16. Sr. Mary Doreen Okolie
  17. Sr. Mary Clara Njuguna
  18. Sr. Mary Rose Claret Ogbuehi
  19. Sr. Marilyn Umunnakwe
  20. Sr. Yvonne Marie Achieng
  21. Sr. Anna Maria Ndeto
  22. Sr. Mary Bessie Kivuva
  23. Sr. Maria Eberechukwu Ugwa
  24. Sr. Maria Chioma Ekemiri
  25. Sr. Maria Natalia Ajayi
  26. Sr. Maria Chukwunedu Ezeonyejemeli
  27. Sr. Mary Hyacinth Nwalie
  28. Sr. Maria Okwuchukwu Agwunobi
  29. Sr. Mary Franklyn Obiorah
  30. Sr. Mary Ethel Opara
  31. Sr. Mary Dina Umeh
  32. Sr. Mary Julian Chukwuemeka
  33. Sr. Maria Chinelo Nwokafor
  34. Sr. Maria Udochukwu Nwokeke
  35. Sr. Mary Janice Ononiba
  36. Sr. Mary Elsie Onyema
  37. Sr. Maria Nkechinyere Eze
  38. Sr. Mary Valentine Ezeonwumelu
  39. Sr. Maria Chisom Ilobi
  40. Sr. Maria Felice Anyikwa
  41. Sr. Mary Clareta Uzoma
  42. Sr. Maria Generosa Ezioha
  43. Sr. Maria Lorena Amodu
  44. Sr. Mary Faustina Osuji
  45. Sr. Miriam Patrick Nwankwo
  46. Sr. Mary Sussan Umeh
  47. Sr. Mary Theodora Ogbuji
  48. Sr. Mary Nelson Nwankwo
  49. Sr. Mary Ernestina Uzoukwu
  50. Sr. Mary Felia Kamalu
  51. Sr. Maria Oluchukwu Nnawuihe
  52. Sr. Mary Edita Orji
  53. Sr. Maria Breta Ogbozor
  54. Sr. Maria Gratia Nwabunwanne
  55. Sr. Maria Ngozichukwu Achusim
  56. Sr. Mary Annlisa Nnokwe
  57. Sr. Maria Chijioke Nwankwo
  58. Sr. Maria Ginikachukwu Anusionwu
  59. Sr. Maria Pamela Azorji
  60. Sr. Mary Chiara Ozigbo
  61. Sr. Mary Rupert Okenwa
  62. Sr. Maria Chigozie Onuegbulelm
  63. Sr. Mary Añulichukwu Emebo
  64. Sr. Miriam Reinette Ohiaege
  65. Sr. Miriam Rona Onwuadi
  66. Sr. Maria Luigina Emeli
  67. Sr. Maria Coronata Nwachukwu
  68. Sr. Mary Justin Therese Onuh
  69. Sr. Marie Lois Mmonu
  70. Sr. Miriam Aaron Okoro
  71. Sr. Mary Rose Flora Ekperinwa
  72. Sr. Mary Nelly Maingi
  73. Sr. Mary Mildred Umeh
  74. Sr. Mary Eileen Uzoeshi
  75. Sr. Ines Marie Aladi
  76. Sr. Annunciata Maria Odika
  77. Sr. Maria Clarissa Nwadigbo
  78. Sr. Maureen Genevieve Okorondu
  79. Sr. Maria Chimezie Etoama
  80. Sr. Gina Maria Anadu
  81. Sr. Mary Blessing Agulanna
  82. Sr. Mary Esther Offor
  83. Sr. Maria Chidimma Ekwealor
  84. Sr. Miriam Mercides Okemiri
  85. Sr. Mary Emily Ogbuka
  86. Sr. Mary Doris Frances Ginigeme
  87. Sr. Maria Petrus Okafor
  88. Sr. Mary Patlyn Amadi
  89. Sr. Maureen Eucharia Aghamelu
  90. Sr. Jane Mariette Onuoha
  91. Sr. Maureen Francisca Urama
  92. Sr. Georgette Marie Ilodinibe
  93. Sr. Paul Mary Nwosu
  94. Sr. Maria Chiamaka Nwaka
  95. Sr. Mary Chidiogo Ezenne
  96. Sr. Mary Thelma Anubalu
  97. Sr. Maria Chibugwum Nkwocha
  98. Sr. Maria Lotanna Abbah
  99. Sr. Ann Maris Ezebube
  100. Sr. Maria Chidiamara Njoku
  101. Sr. Mary Linda-Vivian Onuoha
  102. Sr. Maria Chinaemerem Igwe
  103. Sr. Maria Claudia Nnaemeka
  104. Sr. Maria Rosina Njoku
  105. Sr. Mary Emilia Aboekwe
  106. Sr. Maria Chukwuemelie Ezeodili
  107. Sr. Maria Petrina Ibekwe
  108. Sr. Maria Jane-Raphael Agubosi
  109. Sr. Maria Nnaemeka Okeke
  110. Sr. Maria Chidozie Chukwuonye
  111. Sr. Lucina Maria Amagoh
  112. Sr. Joannes Maria Ohia
  113. Sr. Mary Nathanael Okeke
  114. Sr. Mary Ruphina Onyebuchi
  115. Sr. Maureen Felicitas Obiorah
  116. Sr. Mary Francis Anthony Uzendu
  117. Sr. Angel Mariet Emecheta
  118. Sr. Mary Chinaza Ibezim
  119. Sr. Mary Rose Sandra Obi
  120. Sr. Ciata Maria Kitaka
  121. Sr. Maudlin Mary Aladi
  122. Sr. Clare Marie Ebere
  123. Sr. Valentina Maria Amobi
  124. Sr. Maria Chilota Chukwuedozie
  125. Sr. Mary Judith Ezeogu
  126. Sr. Miriam Angela Ilonuba
  127. Sr. Maria Baptista Eze
  128. Sr. Maria Arinzechukwu Ugbor
  129. Sr. Mary Rose Scholastica Obiekwe
  130. Sr. Maureen Cecilia Maduawia
  131. Sr. Mary Jude Therese Nwodo
  132. Sr. Maureen Gertrude Okeke
  133. Sr. Mary Lawrentin Amaefule
  134. Sr. Maria Ogechukwu Ezemenari
  135. Sr. Maria Udoka Awagu
  136. Sr. Austin Maris Alafuonye
  137. Sr. Vivian Mary Ossai
  138. Sr. Mary Frances Ezeakunne
  139. Sr. Mary Rose Stella Agbo
  140. Sr. Maureen Geraldine Udeonu
  141. Sr. Maria Chikwado Agba
  142. Sr. Maria Chetachukwu Nnadi
  143. Sr. Maria Chinweze Enujiofor
  144. Sr. Maureen Joseph Maduakor
  145. Sr. Mary Amanda Nwagbo
  146. Sr. Maria Obiomachukwu Osuji
  147. Sr. Miriam Belinda Ugo
  148. Sr. Imel Marie Ijezie
  149. Sr. Mary Immaculate Nwaka
  150. Sr. Maria Magdalena Masaai
  151. Sr. Mary Steve Njoroge
  152. Sr. Miriam Agnes Kamau
  153. Sr. Immaculata Maria Uwanuakwa
  154. Sr. Maureen Jude Umeaka
  155. Sr. Vera Marie Adom
  156. Sr. Ivan Marie Mmeje
  157. Sr. Maria Sochinwe Ukachi
  158. Sr. Mary Ifeomachukwu Asodike
  159. Sr. Maria Christabel Anyanwu
  160. Sr. Tonia Mary Nworji
  161. Sr. Maria Chidi Onyedibe
  162. Sr. Maria Chinecherem Uzonwanne
  163. Sr. Maria Ogonna Chikwendu
  164. Sr. Maria Nneoma Ezeifedi
  165. Sr. Maria Nkiruka Okafor
  166. Sr. Maria Afomachukwu Ebolue
  167. Sr. Maria Nnedimma Umeokwoibe
  168. Sr. Miriam Anthonia Chukwuonye
  169. Sr. Mary Jane Angeleen Obado
  170. Sr. Mary Sharon Ndung’u
  171. Sr. Agatha Mary Ugwuoke
  172. Sr. Rose Maura Okongwu
  173. Sr. Mary Florentia Okereke
  174. Sr. Mary Charity Obioha
  175. Sr. Eucharia Mary Ezeiruoma
  176. Sr. Maribel Onyekonwu
  177. Sr. Maria Stellarina Egbengwu
  178. Sr. Mary Felita Iwenofu
  179. Sr. Regia Maria Obinna
  180. Sr. Maureen Agatha Ogbuagu
  181. Sr. Maria Chibuokem Okoli
  182. Sr. Benedicta Maria Okoye
  183. Sr. Mary Lilly Anyado
  184. Sr. Maria Chima Ugwu
  185. Sr. Maria Ijeoma Ohayagha
  186. Sr. Christa Maria Ojukwu
  187. Sr. Paulette Marie Unegbu
  188. Sr. Maria UdoKristi Nnadi
  189. Sr. Gloria Maris Uzoeri
  190. Sr. Miriam Juliet Ezennakwe
  191. Sr. Maria Anita Onuegbu
  192. Sr. Mary Phoebe Ndu’gu
  193. Sr. Miriam Assumpta Metumaribe
  194. Sr. Miriam Dominica Nnabuihe
  195. Sr. Maria Chika Udeh
  196. Sr. Steve Mariette Amponsah
  197. Sr. Maria Celine Agonsi
  198. Sr. Maria Uchechi Arinze
  199. Sr. Maria Tina Nwosu
  200. Sr. Maria Chidera Obiajunwa
  201. Sr. Joy Mariette Okonkwo
  202. Sr. Maria Ugochinyere Nwachukwu
  203. Sr. Maria Ukamaka Okeke
  204. Sr. Helena Maria Ogbonna
  205. Sr. Maria Ujuanuli Ojiakor
  206. Sr. Maria Akachukwu Ndu
  207. Sr. Mary Evan Therese Nwosu
  208. Sr. Maria Eucharia Emezie
  209. Sr. Maria Nneka Okwor
  210. Sr. Rita Maria Salami
  211. Sr. Maria Veritas Uzoma
  212. Sr. Olive Maria Okafor
  213. Sr. Loretto Maria Okoro
  214. Sr. Maria Chizube Mbaegbu
  215. Sr. Maria Katelyna Ohaegbulem
  216. Sr. Maria Mmachukwu Opara
  217. Sr. Miriam Stella Obiekwe
  218. Sr. Innocentia Maria Malizu
  219. Sr. Maria Laurenti Okeke
  220. Sr. Miriam Petrus Ezeonye
  221. Sr. Mariana Nwankwo
  222. Sr. Maureen Dorothy Aham
  223. Sr. Jean Marie Ikwuegbu
  224. Sr. Maria Chinyeaka Okoli
  225. Sr. Miriam Therese Nwabuwa
  226. Sr. Doris Marie Nnadi
  227. Sr. Mary Rose Paula Ibeh
  228. Sr. Maria Chinyerem Onyekanne
  229. Sr. Goretti Marie Okpala
  230. Sr. John Mariette Onyejekwu
  231. Sr. Lucia Maria Azaka
  232. Sr. Maureen Daniela Anyanwu
  233. Sr. Marie Claribelle Nkemdirim
  234. Sr. Jacinta Maria Nwosu
  235. Sr. Mary Rose Blessing Eladonye
  236. Sr. Mildred Marie Ibekwe
  237. Sr. Mary Fidel Therese Ngwoke
  238. Sr. Maureen Joselyn Onwuanyia
  239. Sr. Mary Placid Ukwuoma
  240. Sr. Mary Godfrey Esinwoke
  241. Sr. Maria Chibudo Agim
  242. Sr. Jubilata Maria Nwosu
  243. Sr. Miriam Stephania Ibeh
  244. Sr. Marietta Carol Amondi
  245. Sr. Suzanne Marie Ngugi
  246. Sr. Tressa Maria Njau
  247. Sr. Miriam Hedwig Abala
  248. Sr. Maria Ifechukwu Osuizugbe
  249. Sr. Lilian Marie Nwokorie
  250. Sr. John Chrys Maria Nwosu
  251. Sr. Maria Chiduziem Eze
  252. Sr. Mary Sebastian Ogwuike
  253. Sr. Ayo Mariet Babaniyi
  254. Sr. Maureen Callista Nwokeke
  255. Sr. Maureen Akabogu
  256. Sr. Maria Fiducia Okolojukwu
  257. Sr. Maria Ikenna Igwe
  258. Sr. Maria Antoniata Urama
  259. Sr. Maria Victoriana Aniagolu
  260. Sr. Miriam Fausta Aniuche
  261. Sr. Mary John Bibian Ebere
  262. Sr. Annunciata Mary Ekezie
  263. Sr. Miriam Boniface Chikere
  264. Sr. Marie Lyn Makau
  265. Sr. Mary Jude Confidence Obi
  266. Sr. Mary Flora Christie Edeh
  267. Sr. Miriam Annabel Esiedu
  268. Sr. Mary Charity Dorcas Mensah
  269. Sr. Miriam Angelia Ezenwata
  270. Sr. Mary Cynthia Osuagwu
  271. Sr. Maria AmalaKristi Onyido
  272. Sr. Miriam Catherine Kalu
  273. Sr. Frances Marie Ubah
  274. Sr. Miriam Sylvaline Anyanwu
  275. Sr. Immaculata Maris Echibe
  276. Sr. Maria Somtoochukwu Udensi
  277. Sr. Maria Sopuluchukwu Ezeanyim
  278. Sr. Maria Ife-Kristi Okoye
  279. Sr. Maria Chiagoziem Udebunu
  280. Sr. Maria Chikamso Ibekwe
  281. Sr. Maureen Jovita Nwajiobi
  282. Sr. Maureen Clare Otie
  283. Sr. Maureen Bernardine Onovo
  284. Sr. Maria Ucheomachukwu Urama
  285. Sr. Maria Philothea Ikeanisi
  286. Sr. Maureen Cecil Iloka
  287. Sr. Maureen Pat Kyalo
  288. Sr. Maria Chizoba Azubike
  289. Sr. Maria Chidiebube Eluagu
  290. Sr. Edith Marie Okpala
  291. Sr. Miriam Petrine Obioha
  292. Sr. Maria Rosetta Okonkwo
  293. Sr. Maria Chinenye Nwagwu
  294. Sr. Thecla Maria Uzoigwe
  295. Sr. Maria Chimeruo Ezeibekwe
  296. Sr. Maria Amauchechukwu Udensi
  297. Sr. Maria Chiazoka Amaefule
  298. Sr. Maria Ifenna Anigbankpu
  299. Sr. Maria Chukwudum Ihemebiri
  300. Sr. Maria Turris Davidica Koso
  301. Sr. Marcel Marie Kingori
  302. Sr. Antoniette Marie Afoamuta
  303. Sr. Jane Maura Madu
  304. Sr. Nuela Mariette Ughaelu
  305. Sr. Marilyn Doris Ilomuanya
  306. Sr. Mary Stella Cordis Nwankwo
  307. Sr. Maureen Jacinta Nnadi
  308. Sr. Maria Chukwuamaka Ibeanu
  309. Sr. Maureen Regina Onyeche
  310. Sr. Perpetua Maria Orazulume
  311. Sr. Mary Stella Vivian Emeka
  312. Sr. Franca Mariette Busiyi
  313. Sr. Maria Daberechi Ekwulundu
  314. Sr. Angela Mariette Osunkwo
  315. Sr. Paula Maria Ezenwafor
  316. Sr. Victor Mariette Igwegbe
  317. Sr. Maria Kanenechukwu Onwuemeh
  318. Sr. Maria Chijindu Ukamba
  319. Sr. Maria Munachiso Nwajuo
  320. Sr. Agatha Marie Igwegbe
  321. Sr. Stefania Maria Okoli
  322. Sr. Xavier Mariette Ezeokoli
  323. Sr. Miriam Jovita Umeadi
  324. Sr. Vincentia Maria Nwankwo
  325. Sr. Eucharia Mariette Ezeugwu
  326. Sr. Lucy Marie Uzoh
  327. Sr. Sussan Mariette Arumona
  328. Sr. Mary Loveth Emecheta
  329. Sr. Zita Mariette Onwuka
  330. Sr. Gloria Mariette Okpara
  331. Sr. Mary Helen Vivian Otubelu
  332. Sr. Maria Makuochukwu Okafor
  333. Sr. Judith Mary Ushie
  334. Sr. Maureen Philomena Chialu
  335. Sr. Maria Chekwubechukwu Okwuaka
  336. Sr. Bibian Marie Okelue
  337. Sr. Maria Ebube-Kristi Uzowulu
  338. Sr. Mary John Vianney Ezechukwu
  339. Sr. Maria Chidalu Nwanyanwu
  340. Sr. Maria Chikodili Ezeani
  341. Sr. Maria Izuchukwu Nnorom
  342. Sr. Miriam Winifred Maduwuba
  343. Sr. Maria Ifeyichi Okoli
  344. Sr. Emmanuela Maria Okafor
  345. Sr. Christine Marie Ozioko
  346. Sr. Jane Mary Nnanna
  347. Sr. Mary Joy Therese Duru
  348. Sr. Mary Lovette Nora Igwegbe
  349. Sr. Christiana Mariette Nnadozie
  350. Sr. Mary Nuela Cordis Madufor
  351. Sr. Maria OnyinyeKristi Iñegbu
  352. Sr. Jacinta Mariette Umeobi
  353. Sr. Marilyn Sandra Sikolia
  354. Sr. Maureen Laura Ingaso
  355. Sr. Maria Chiduluem Ezeonyebuchi
  356. Sr. Maureen Mercy Anyikeme
  357. Sr. Maria Ezinne Obiaku
  358. Sr. Phina Maria Amaefule
  359. Sr. Maria Chinememma Agu
  360. Sr. Mary Anthony Claret Onyelabara
  361. Sr. Mary Bertilla Arinze
  362. Sr. Mary Queendaleen Agwoye
  363. Sr. Maria Toochi Ezechukwu
  364. Sr. Priscilla Maria Ezeugwu
  365. Sr. Mary Rose-Lilian Ifeabunike
  366. Sr. Maria Nneamaka Okafor
  367. Sr. Maria UgoKristi Ugwu
  368. Sr. Maria Nzubenna Ojih
  369. Sr. Victor Marie Njoku
  370. Sr. Maria Dympna Adionye
  371. Sr. Nesta Marie Nwosu
  372. Sr. Stephanie Mariette Watamba
  373. Sr. Juliet Marie Njuguna
  374. Sr. Maria Uju-Kristi Aniedo
  375. Sr. Miriam Helen Ozioko
  376. Sr. Maria Chidubem Dim
  377. Sr. Dominic Marie Anoshiri
  378. Sr. Maureen Domitilla Onyiriuka
  379. Sr. Maria Chibundu Omeokachie
  380. Sr. Mary Rose Austin Obi
  381. Sr. Grace Mariette Okoli
  382. Sr. Maria Bakhita Ogene
  383. Sr. Maria Rapuluchukwu Agubaeze
  384. Sr. Gertrude Maria Orji
  385. Sr. Maria Olu-Kristi Iwuagwu
  386. Sr. Mary Rose Pauline Mwangi
  387. Sr. Maria Chinwe Nwadiogbu
  388. Sr. Edna Mariette Amalu
  389. Sr. Mary Jane-Claude Chukwumaeke
  390. Sr. Maria Leona Njoku
  391. Sr. Faustina Maria Ogbonnaya
  392. Sr. Maureen Noeleen Eze
  393. Sr. Maria Ozioma Eñeogwe
  394. Sr. Maureen Gerald Ejefonye
  395. Sr. Maria Sobenna Ikeotuonye
  396. Sr. Maria Ugonna Ohia
  397. Sr. Flora Mariae Okwuazu
  398. Sr. Maria Obiamaka Anyanwu
  399. Sr. Colette Marie Maduihe
  400. Sr. Rita Mariette Nwadiwe
  401. Sr. Vera Mariette Nwankwo
  402. Sr. Mary Ann-Therese Ayogu
  403. Sr. Sophie Mariette Asogwa
  404. Sr. Maria Kelechi Ogodimma
  405. Sr. Maria Sochima Okaraonyemma
  406. Sr. Maria Ifeomasinachi Ukachukwu
  407. Sr. Maria Uzoamaka Ezeabasilim
  408. Sr. Beth Mariette Umeugochukwu
  409. Sr. Maria Adaeze Ekwenem
  410. Sr. Mary Mabel Chukwu
  411. Sr. Miriam Bona Anozie
  412. Sr. Maureen Benedicta Aniazoba
  413. Sr. Miriam Clareta Orjiakor
  414. Sr. Miriam Doris Agbakwuru
  415. Sr. Miriam Charity Onyibo
  416. Sr. MaureenVera Okpara

Number of Sisters in Temporary Vows – 135

Golden Jubilarians

  1. Sr. Mary Carmelita Akubilo
  2. Sr. Mary Ursula Ekwe
  1. Sr. Mary Helen Nwogwugwu
  2. Sr. M. Benigna Oluoha


  1. Sr. Archbishop Charles Heerey, CSSp 7.2.1967
  2. Sr. Mary Jacinta Chukwuka 25.6.1958
  3. Sr. Mary Francis Odogwu 25.5.1962
  4. Sr. Mary Loretto Njoku 28.121969
  5. Sr. Mary Finian Anyanwu 20.7.1976
  6. Sr. Mary Claver Ibeanu 1.4. 1977
  7. Sr. Anne Marie Uchendu 21.7.1978
  8. Sr. Mary Emmanuel Amadu 5. 4. 1981
  9. Sr. MaryGodwin Anaghalu 15.9.1983
  10. Sr. Mary Francine Ndubisi 3.8,1987
  11. Sr. Mother Mary Bernadette Anyogu 17.9.1988
  12. Sr. MaryMichael Obiakor 8.10.1990
  13. Sr. Mary Juliana Ngharamike 21.11.91
  14. Sr. Mary Borromeo Chukwu 22.2.1993
  15. Sr. MaryJohn Bosco Okoye 26.4.1994
  16. Sr. MaryGloriana Iwuozor 15.6.1994
  17. Sr. Mary Aquinas Allagoa 18.2.1995
  18. Sr. MaryVirgie Onyeador 25.2.1995
  19. Sr. Mary Vivian Ihesie 24.4.1996
  20. Sr. Mary Lucy Nwaka 23.5.1996
  21. Sr. MaryAlthanasius Oputazia 29.9.1996
  22. Sr. MaryClement Emerenini 3.11.1996
  23. Sr. Mary Eucharia Anyaegbulem 6.10.1997
  24. Sr. MaryClement Emerenini 3.11.1996
  25. Sr. Mary Eucharia Anyaegbulem 6.10.1997
  26. Sr. Mary Rita Onyeakpu 22.11.97
  27. Sr. MaryRose Abah 28.11.1997
  28. Sr. MaryAddorolata Ilechukwu 28.3.1998
  29. Sr. Mary Regis Ojiegbe 15.4.1998
  30. Sr. Mary John Mark Okoye 20.5.1998
  31. Sr. Mary Bebedict Nwokocha 10.1.2000
  32. Sr. Mary Vincent de Paul Nworah 2.1.2000
  33. Sr. Mary Fidelma Obiorah 16.5.2001
  34. Sr. Mary Chrysogonus Uzoegbu 2.7.2001
  35. Sr. Mary Gertrude Udensi 1.1.2002
  36. Sr. Mary Eugenio Eze 29.1.2003
  37. Sr. Mary Blaise Ugbaja 29.1.2003
  38. Sr. Mary Vernard Okolike 6.3.2003
  39. Sr. Mary de Sales Nwaturuocha 24.4.2003
  40. Sr. Mary Cabrini Iwuala 20.2.2004
  41. Sr. MaryOnyekachukwu Ezeugwa 27.5.2004
  42. Sr. MaryBonaventure Aniagolu 22.11.2004
  43. Sr. Liz Maria Aduol 22.12.2004
  44. Sr. Mary Chrysostom Okoye 26.12.2004
  45. Sr. Mary Patricia Nwakonobi 4.4.2005
  46. Sr. MaryAnthony Emodi 8.4.2005
  47. Sr. Maria Goretti Nwalie 24.8.2005
  48. Sr. Maria Chimoge Onyenwe 5.11.2005
  49. Sr. Mary Agnes Ikejiorah 2.12.2005
  50. Sr. MaryCatherine Emeghebo Ilonu 5.12.2005
  51. Sr. Maria Nzubechukwu Okolie 16.4.2006
  52. Sr. Mary Ifeanyichukwu Iwe 22.4.2006
  53. Sr. Mary de Lourdes Ezeagwu 3.5.2006
  1. Sr. Mary Frances Theresa Obasi 18.6.2006
  2. Sr. Mary Raphael Chukwumalumeh 26.6.2006
  3. Sr. Mary Colman Erege 26.10.2006
  4. Sr. Mary Martin Nwolisah 22.11.06
  5. Sr. Mary Victoria Okoye 22.6.2007
  6. Sr. Mary Andrew Ikegwuonu 26.6.2007
  7. Sr. Mary John Ginikanwa 22.7.2007
  8. Sr. Maria Chibuzo Maduabia 24.8.2007
  9. Sr. Mary Felicitas Obiekezie 17.6.2008
  10. Sr. Mary Conleth Ogbonna 13.12.2008
  11. Sr. Mary Ebubechukwu Okafor 4.7.2009
  12. Sr. Mary Eunice Otiji1 3.3.2010
  13. Sr. Mary Hilda Agu 27.3.2010
  14. Sr. Mary Paschaline Chukwuemeka 5.7.2010
  15. Sr. Mary Lwanga Umechukwu 13.8.2010
  16. Sr. Mary Philip Morba 6.9.2010
  17. Sr. Mary Aloysius Adimonye 2.1.2011
  18. Sr. Mary Christiana Onyekwelu 3.1.2011
  19. Sr. Mary Imelda Mbonu1 8.3.2011
  20. Sr. Mary Evangelist Nwagwu 22.8.2011
  21. Sr. Mary Theresa Njoku 18.12.2011
  22. Sr. Cyril Enukorah 30.12.2011
  23. Sr. Mary Gerard Ofoezie 3.1.2012
  24. Sr. Martin Mary Onuoha 6.2.2012
  25. Sr. Ave Maria Igboanugo 25.3.2012
  26. Sr. Mary Ancilla Ijara 20.5.2012
  27. Sr. Mother Mary Magdalene Oranu 20.6.2012
  28. Sr. Mary Tarcicius Achilike 3.9.2012
  29. Sr. Mary Annunciata Ilechukwu 20.11.2012
  30. Sr. Mary Vincentia Aribe 19.2.2013
  31. Sr. Mary Joseph Theresa Nwakwuoke 24.3.2013
  32. Sr. Bernadette Maria Iheagwara 12.6.2013
  33. Sr. Miriam Jacinta Onyeke 18.7.2013
  34. Sr. MaryEphraim Nwanya 5.8.2013
  35. Sr. Mary Bride Njoku 16.9.2013
  36. Sr. Mary John Paul Okoro 9.12.2013
  37. Sr. Mary Kizito Ezeani 16.1.2014
  38. Sr. Marie Mediatrix Onyeso 30.7.2014
  39. Sr. Maureen Victoria Ekwealor 5.9.2014
  40. Sr. Miriam Gladys Ogbuehi 7.10.2014
  41. Sr. Mary Celestine Nwogu 4.2.2015
  42. Sr. Mary Monica Atunzu 21.2.2015
  43. Sr. Mary Peter Okeke 22.5.2015
  44. Sr. Mary Paul Asuzu 18.6.2015
  45. Sr. Justina Mary Okolo 12.11.2015
  46. Sr. Mary Berchimans Ibekwe 13.11.2015
  47. Sr. M. Immaculati Cordis Ezeodili 12.12.2015
  48. Sr. Mary James Ntiajuokwu 25.3.2016
  49. Sr. Mary Innocentia Ehirim 2.4.2016
  50. Sr. Mary Cecilia Edelu 21.7.2016
  51. Sr. Mary Jane Frances Okoye 16.8.2016
  52. Sr. Mother Louis Maria Ezenkwele 28.8,2016