Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer

Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer

Founded, Date/Place 15 January, 1863 France
Founder Victorine Le Dieu
Canonical Status Pontifical Right, 08 Feb, 1933
Motto To God alone be the glory
Charism Reparation and Reconciliation
Mission Statement Reparation, reconciliation of men and women with themselves, with God, with nature and among themselves, Adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament
Purpose Glory of God and salvation of souls
Generalate Fonte Nuova, Roma, Italy.
Principal House In Nigeria Plot 13/15, 4th Avenue,Gwarinpa, Abuja. Nigeria.
Countries where we have Communities Italy, Nigeria, France, Spain, Romania and Columbia.
Formation Houses Gwarinpa, Abuja and Bagnoregio, Italy.
The Congregation arrived in Nigeria on 17 February, 2006 when a community was opened in Gwarinpa by His Eminence John Cardinal Onaiyekan.

Sr. Christiana Akpah OSA
Superior Representative: Sr. Jovita Nkem Nzeduru

Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer
Plot 13/15 4th Avenue,
Gwarimpa FHA, Abuja.

Mobile: 08020319620


Our Apostolate

The Congregation of Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer:
Was founded on the 15th January, 1863 when, our Foundress, Victorine Le Dieu, obtained a special audience of Pope Pius IX who approved the foundation of the Congregation.

We have the Charism of Reparation and Reconciliation that is atoning for the sins of humanity and reconciling man with God through the Eucharist celebrated and adored and the service of brothers and sisters broken by sin, violence, poverty, marginalisation, etc.

The Foundress, Victorine Le Dieu, a French woman was born in France on 22 May, 1809 into a noble family. A first and only female in a family of three children, she had a serene and joyful childhood surrounded with love. From her earliest childhood, there was within her an attraction of absolute withdrawal and strong desire to give herself totally to God. On the day of her First Holy Communion she prayed "Lord, may I belong to You forever. I will either be Your spouse or die". During the bloody French revolution which brought about sacrileges and other religious atrocities in 1830, she felt the need for immense "Reparation". She desired to form a large family in which consecrated women, priests and lay faithful could share in the work of Reparation and Reconciliation according to different needs, times and places.

"My thoughts and desires belong to all in all places". She said: The Eucharist was the focal point of her life because it is the sacrament of the love of God that restores harmony to all that is disorganised, wounded and broken by sin.

On 15th January 1863 Victorine met with Pope Pius IX who, while approving the mission of Reparatory Adoration, asked her to include the work of mercy in the world. This request of the Holy Father brought about our works of charity towards the poor and the needy. The works include provision of education to the less privileged children, food to the hungry, setting the prisoners free, establishment of retreat/prayer houses and other innumerable works of charity.

Victorine had it rough; her life was full of suffering due to obstacles that made it difficult for her to realize her vocation until towards the end of her life. Initially it was her parents who strongly objected to her becoming a religious and then the betrayal and injustices from various people who strongly opposed the actualisation of the mission approved by the Pope. She was stripped of everything she had but she maintained an unshakable faith in God. Just before she breathed her last on 26 October 1884, she entrusted to her successor the mission she had started with the following words: "Daughters, I have finished, you begin. I entrust the children to you, love them, take care of them. I recommend peace, humility, simplicity and sincerity".

Special Contributions to the Church in Nigeria
The Congregation has contributed immensely to the Church in Nigeria. In the community in Abuja, the Sisters carry on the reparatory adoration which is the primary mission of the Congregation. For their apostolate, the Sisters reach out to the remote villages of Abuja mainly: Ketti, Gbao and Takalafia where government presence is lacking. On arrival in these villages with no water, roads, electricity, schools, etc we met children in very bad health situation. In the villages where schools existed, attendance was very poor due to ignorance and lack of interest in education. The Sisters' awareness programmes have brought a lot of changes in every aspect of their life. The Sisters have provided the villages with boreholes, opened nursery schools in Ketti and Gbao while in Takalafia a primary school has to be added as the nearest one is three kilometres away from the village. The Sisters also bring medical doctors and drugs to assist the sick. The interaction of the children with the Sisters and the visitors who often accompany them has enhanced their communication in English language and has also improved the social life of the people.

Their spiritual life is not left out. The Sisters organize moral instructions to improve their knowledge of God. Now the priests, seminarians, Church societies who usually visit these villages are now able to communicatebetterwith them.

In addition to these, we, in collaboration with our lay associate members, have established a Foster Home for Children in difficulty to cater for children of female prison inmates, insane mothers, orphans, etc.

It is after adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament that we go out to meet Christ present in the suffering and the poor. For us there is no difference between Jesus in the Eucharist and Jesus in the poor, dirty or disabled brothers and sisters on the streets.

Sisters in Perpetual Vows

  1. Sr. Maria Jovita Nkem Nzeduru
  1. Sr. Maria Daniela Farcas

Number of Sisters in Temporary Vows – 4


  1. Sr. Philomena Chinyere Nwankwo – March 17, 2015