Sisters of Jesus the Saviour

Sisters of Jesus the Saviour

Founded, Date/Place August 12, 1985, Elele, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Founder Very Rev.Fr. Prof. Emmanuel Matthew Paul Edeh, CSSp, OFR
Canonical Status Diocesan Right, March 11, 2007
Motto Docility to Jesus the Saviour
Charism Imitation of our compassionate Saviour through caring for the sick and suffering.
Mission Statement We manifest to the selfless charity of Jesus the Saviour who suffered and went to all possible length to save us at no cost on our side.
Purpose Service to the whole church especially where there is increasing need for renewal of faith.

Mother Mary Janefrances Okafor SJS
Superior General: Mother Mary Janefrances Okafor SJS

P. O. Box 48
19 Owerri Rd.
Elele, PH 511001
Rivers State

Mobile: 08037868690


Our Apostolate

The Sisters of Jesus the Saviour:
otherwise known as, the Saviourites Sisters (SJS) is a young growing female Religious Institution founded by Very Rev Fr. Prof. Emmanuel Matthew Paul Edeh, C.S.Sp in the year 1985.

Presently its Generalate is situated at Elele in the South-South of Nigeria, Port Harcourt Diocese. The Congregation was founded for a particular need and purpose in the life of the Church. The sisters portray the compassionate Jesus in their actions whereby they profess the 3 Evangelical Counsels of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.

Our father founder had his inspiration through our compassionate Saviour with his special mission for the sick and suffering people, together with Christ's sufferings on the cross. His love for the sick, the mentally deranged, the less privileged and abandoned always make them gather around him and he always felt compassion for them. He loves to stay with them to relieve their sufferings and scarcely had time for himself. As they increased in number, he saw the need for helpers.

Thus inspired by Jesus the Saviour he founded a Congregation of the Sisters to live and work in the midst of these sick and suffering people, the abjectly poor and abandoned, so that the sisters could understand their feelings and manifest the Charism of the founder in a profound manner.

The Charism of the Congregation which consists in caring with compassion for the sick and suffering people of God in a holistic way especially the handicapped, the abjectly poor, the aged and the abandoned in all ramifications- socially, economically, spiritually, educationally, psychologically and mentally. This practical Charity enables the people to whom the sisters are taking care of to grow in holiness.

Secondly, to highlight devotion to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament (Perpetual Adoration) this strengthens the spirituality of the sisters. The Blessed Sacrament is adored perpetually in all our houses when sisters are appropriate in number. The formation houses undertake perpetual adoration no matter the number of the sisters in the house. Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the source of strength sustaining the sisters in their active apostolate.

Thirdly, Revitalization of the Education of the youths. And lastly, Personal sanctification of its members and observation of the Norms and Rules of the Congregation.

Our Congregation being a non-profitable organization that carry out their apostolate diligently wherever we find ourselves and with humility in counseling, visiting, listening and caring for the sick, suffering and less privileged people of the society. However, the already existing Apostolate has been extended in all our communities both Home and Abroad.

We are also involved in pastoral work in parishes where we are living, for example teaching catechism, organizing some pious societies in the Church, working with the C.W.O, the prayer meetings of Mary League Girls and instructing the youths which are the means of revitalization of the faith of the people. Likewise we relate very well with the local ordinary and parish priests of the different communi t ies and participate fully in the activities ofthe diocese.

Weal so work assiduously for the benefit of the less privileged, where we carry out our Apostolate also in schools, teaching and impacting knowledge on them. We worked hard to see that scholarships are given to those who cannot afford paying their school fees.

Having had our apostolate as active social works, we therefore work in almost all the parts of the world particularly in Nigeria, example:

Diocese: Port Harcourt, Enugu, Aba, Nnewi, Warri, Lafia, Ijebu ode.

Archdiocese: Ibadan, Owerri, Abuja and other countries like: Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, West Indies,

In United States of America, we have four communities namely:
New York City, Florida (Maimi), Detroit (Canton and Wayne) respectively. At present, our postulate and novitiate houses are still in Elele, Rivers State while our scholasticate is located at Aba. May Jesus the Saviour, our strength and brother continue to sow his seeds amongst us to enable us grow to full maturity.

Sisters in Perpetual Vows

  1. Sr. Augustina Terese Okpala
  2. Sr. Micheal Paul Azubine
  3. Sr. Ambrose Ofoegbu
  4. Sr. Epiphania Agu
  5. Sr. Eucharia Onwughmba
  6. Sr. Josephann Obi
  7. Sr. Concepta Mmeka
  8. Sr. Cordis Maria Odili
  9. Sr. Baptista Enyimoha
  10. Sr. Fidelis Ezemaduka
  11. Sr. Isidore Ibeawuchi
  12. Sr. Ascencio Madukaji
  13. Sr. Josemaria Okafor
  14. Sr. Noeleen Udekwe
  15. Sr. Justine Madukwe
  16. Sr. Angeleen Onwughalu
  17. Sr. Anthonietta Ejezie
  18. Sr. Teresita Iloduba
  19. Sr. Martin Rosarii Egbujor
  20. Sr. Christophine Asogwa
  21. Sr. Marilac Njoku
  22. Sr. Paschaline Ugwoke
  23. Sr. Yves Iwuamadi
  24. Sr. Mariagoretti Ojiobianu
  25. Sr. Evangeline Atukosi
  26. Sr. Janefrances Okafor
  27. Sr. Emmanuela Ibeawuchi
  28. Sr. Visitatia Unoneme
  29. Sr. Francisca Uzokwe
  30. Sr. Philo-Cordis Chilaka
  31. Sr. Purissima Egbekpalu
  32. Sr. Ignatia Ezeimo
  33. Sr. Theophanes Aguluka
  34. Sr. Getrude Okafor
  35. Sr. Resurrecta Agu
  36. Sr. Benedette Affiajiaku
  37. Sr. Nicholate Dim
  38. Sr. Franklyn Ajaegbo
  39. Sr. Mary Anthony Osakwe
  40. Sr. Joan Wopara
  41. Sr. Caritas Ndubuisi
  42. Sr. Mercy Azuogu
  43. Sr. Christiana Nwachukwu
  44. Sr. Zita Ihedoro
  45. Sr. Stella Oraeme
  46. Sr. Rita Nwobele
  47. Sr. Theophilia Chukwuemeka
  48. Sr. Prisca Ekeukwu
  49. Sr. Felicitas Onyiuke
  50. Sr. Jane–Philia Okoh
  51. Sr. Calister Ezeokafor
  52. Sr. Paula Udeh
  53. Sr. Marylyn Nweke
  54. Sr. Mary Adel Iwuchukwu
  55. Sr. Stanley Ugwudike
  56. Sr. Andrea Ezike
  57. Sr. Gemma Njeze
  58. Sr. Adline Orji
  59. Sr. Lizmaria Asadu
  60. Sr. Angelita Obodo
  61. Sr. Melvin Iduh
  62. Sr. Kyrian Umeh
  1. Sr. Delphine Omelogu
  2. Sr. Flora Okafor
  3. Sr. Stephany Owah
  4. Sr. Petra Emechebe
  5. Sr. Jacqueline Ogugua
  6. Sr. Fidel Ike
  7. Sr. Doris Ann Ike
  8. Sr. Evelyn Edeh
  9. Sr. Jeph Okongwu
  10. Sr. Austa Ogbuagu
  11. Sr. Eucharistia Ezeobiukwu
  12. Sr. Bede Ndibe
  13. Sr. Kingsley Ezeh
  14. Sr. Fininian Muoka
  15. Sr. Tessy–Paul Ogamba
  16. Sr. Sylverline Udeozor
  17. Sr. Winifred Muoneme
  18. Sr. Frednora Ikpeama
  19. Sr. Annette Ezekwem
  20. Sr. Veritas Igbochuba
  21. Sr. Julian Okeke
  22. Sr. Henrietta Okonkwo
  23. Sr. Noblyn Ajuonuma
  24. Sr. Jane Steve Udoh
  25. Sr. Christabel Echemazu
  26. Sr. Lucian Obiora
  27. Sr. Tonia Nwachukwu
  28. Sr. Cal-Fidia Eke
  29. Sr. Stephnora Ogbonna
  30. Sr. Lucila Duruzo
  31. Sr. Lina Okeke
  32. Sr. Phidelma Chukwuemeka
  33. Sr. Flavia Ekwuogor
  34. Sr. Carine Okeh
  35. Sr. Lydia Nwankwo
  36. Sr. Rosita Ngonebu
  37. Sr. Carmela Okafor
  38. Sr. Claudia Emerenwa
  39. Sr. Claret Nnamani
  40. Sr. Eloenora Acholo
  41. Sr. Gabriela Ifo
  42. Sr. Stella Maris Ezeh
  43. Sr. Rufina Ibeku
  44. Sr. Annibel Onunze
  45. Sr. Iberata Mbamara
  46. Sr. Edith Ekwuonye
  47. Sr. Terese Ogbodo
  48. Sr. Collins Okechukwu
  49. Sr. Chiara Ugwoke
  50. Sr. Evaresta Ezeme
  51. Sr. Colette Okafor
  52. Sr. Joecletia Umelo
  53. Sr. Eustace Nkowocha
  54. Sr. Concillia Okonkwo
  55. Sr. Arvin Nwakunite
  56. Sr. Jessica Okpala
  57. Sr. Doreen Agupugo
  58. Sr. Amanda-Vera Obetta
  59. Sr. Roselima Ezendiokwere
  60. Sr. Laura Ogbu
  61. Sr. Norbert Alaeto

Number of Sisters in Temporary Vows – 25


  1. Sr. Sister Stephania Orji, SJS 21-02-1992
  2. Sr. Sister Monic Ndupuechi, SJS 28-07-1999
  1. Mother Johnbosco Kalu, SJS 11-09-2007