Sisters of St. Louis

Sisters of St. Louis

Founded, Date/Place 1842, France
Founder Abbe Loius Bautain
Canonical Status Pontifical Right, July 1844
Motto Sint Unum
Charism Oneness in Christ through education, pastoral work and care of the sick motivated by God's Love
Mission Statement "Faithful to our call …that all may be One" (john 17:21) commit ourselves to live god’s love for the whole of Creation and to stand in solidarity with the poo and Marginalised. We challenge ourselves to respond to the radical call to Conversion to growing freedom in responding to the needs of our times. We resolve to transform unjust structures, promote peace, reconciliation and the integrity of creation. We share and listen to the spirit in each other with whom we Collaborate and so become a community in service of the mission Entrusted to us by Christ.
Purpose/vision A world healed, unified and transformed through the saving wisdom of Christianity
Arrival Date in Nigeria 1948 (Kano)

Sr. Rita Omolaraeni Hilda Akin-Otiko, SSL
Provincial Leader: Sr. Isabel Mann, SSL

Institute of Sisters of St Louis,
(Juilly- Monaghan) St Louis Provincialate
P. O. Box 22482 UI, Ibadan,
Oyo State, Nigeria



Mobile: 07053998361

Our Apostolate

We are vowed Catholic women religious who, in response to Christ's prayer 'That they may be one' (Ut Sint Unum), dedicate ourselves to bringing about unity and healing in a broken world.

Charism/Spirituality: Our charism is, 'THAT THEY MAY BE ONE' ("Ut Sint Unum")

Our Spirituality is:
♦ Rooted in a simple faith in God's love and caring providence and in a hope which clings to, and responds to that love in all circumstances of life.
♦ Trinitarian: Our relationship to God the source of all Being, Eternal Word and Holy Spirit enlivens our motto'Sint Unum'.
♦ Ecclesial: Through the Church, we enter the paschal mystery both sacramentally and in living union with one another in the Body of Christ.
♦ Apostolic: Aware that we are called to bring the knowledge and love of God to all whom we serve in Christ's name, we seek to be contemplative in our prayer and in all aspects of our lives.
♦ Holistic: We desire to respond to God's love through all the powers of our being- a unity of body, mind and heart.

Information about Founder:
Louis Bautain-the founder of the Institute was born during the revolution and grew up in the troubled years that followed. Louis Bautain was born in 1796. He was guided by the spirit of Sint Unum- May they be one. His vision of "a world, healed, unified and transformed by the saving wisdom of Christianity" continues to inspire all we do today. Our patron is St. Louis IX, king of France, whose feast day is August 25th. The Institute was approved by Rome in July 1844.

Ministries/Apostolate s:
We are involved in the following ministries and apostolates - Health Care, Education in its many facets, Social Development, Pastoral work.

Special Contribution to the Church in Nigeria:
Health Care, Education, Pastoral Work, Catechism, Retreat-giving, Spiritual Direction, Parish Ministry, Care of the elderly and poor, Counseling etc.

Location of Generalate: Dublin, Ireland

Location of Principal Home in Nigeria: Ibadan, Oyo State

Names of Places/Countries Where we are: France, England, Ghana, Ireland, Brazil, California, Republic of Benin and Nigeria.

Location of Formation Houses: Dassa, Republic of Benin

Sisters in Perpetual Vows

  1. Sr. Dorothy Yayock
  2. Sr. Patricia Lilia Ebegbulem
  3. Sr. Monica Adeya
  4. Sr. Isabel Olatokunbo Mann
  5. Sr. Christiana Abiola Arokoyo
  6. Sr. Winifred Olufunke Ojo
  7. Sr. Cecilia Francis Uzodike
  8. Sr. Anna Obada
  9. Sr. Patricia Ojo
  10. Sr. Veronica Odida
  11. Sr. Agnes Taye Adebayo
  12. Sr. Agnes Olufunke Adeluyi
  13. Sr. Bridget Agum
  14. Sr. Stella Abike Akinwotu
  15. Sr. Margaret Yusufu
  16. Sr. Rachel Abimbola Alonge
  17. Sr. Janet Adenike Makinde
  18. Sr. Catherine Omokehinde Adelegan
  19. Sr. Rita Omolara Akin-Otiko
  20. Sr. Martina Adesola Adekayero
  21. Sr. Mary Morajeyo Okewola
  22. Sr. Victoria Morohunmubo Orifunmishe
  23. Sr. Bridget Azuka Nwankwo
  24. Sr. Maria Odinakachukwu Ilo
  25. Sr. Mbaumbur Josephine Tiav
  26. Sr. Felicia Alaba Ogundana
  27. Sr. Catherine Olubunmi Ologunagba
  28. Sr. Perpetua Idowu Apo
  29. Sr. Christiana Ibiang
  30. Sr. Christiana Adegoroye
  31. Sr. Catherine Fafila
  32. Sr. Theresa Olaniyan
  33. Sr. Christiana Biyab
  34. Sr. Cecilia Lengpang
  35. Sr. Justina Ihechere
  36. Sr. Clara Azubuike
  37. Sr. Francisca Ola
  38. Sr. Christiana Udebor
  39. Sr. Christiana Kure
  40. Sr. Cecilia Olusanya
  41. Sr. Christiana Adeforiti
  42. Sr. Maureen Long’ep
  43. Sr. Grace Iwok
  44. Sr. Roseline Ogunbanwo
  45. Sr. Perpetua Oloba
  46. Sr. Agnes Babalola
  47. Sr. Maria Ehikioya
  48. Sr. Judith Jatau
  49. Sr. Angela Ogu
  50. Sr. Angela Onyema
  1. Sr. Veronica Orunmoluyi
  2. Sr. Eunice Abiriyi
  3. Sr. Anthonia Titi Abe
  4. Sr. Laurencia Daniel
  5. Sr. Louise Eziechi
  6. Sr. Ijanada Emmanuel
  7. Sr. Philomena Onotevure
  8. Sr. Roseline James
  9. Sr. Helen Orunkoya
  10. Sr. Constance Dibie
  11. Sr. Lucia Akinusoye
  12. Sr. Bridget Shekara
  13. Sr. Gladys Ekhareafo
  14. Sr. Margaret Petirin
  15. Sr. Agnes Ewedeyi
  16. Sr. Bridget Monehin
  17. Sr. Roseline Familade
  18. Sr. Martina Ariyo
  19. Sr. Matilda Adeboye
  20. Sr. Veronica Okpara
  21. Sr. Mary Ogunjobi
  22. Sr. Theresa Peters
  23. Sr. Christiana Ogundele
  24. Sr. Martha Chindo
  25. Sr. Francisca Faluru
  26. Sr. Agnes Kehinde Ojo
  27. Sr. Agnes Abba
  28. Sr. Gertrude Elelegu
  29. Sr. Ufoma Marytheresa Ogbe
  30. Sr. Maryjo Abba
  31. Sr. Monica Ibrahim
  32. Sr. Matilda Owolagba
  33. Sr. Perpetua Aghoghovia
  34. Sr. Florence Ahikimein
  35. Sr. Juliana Mbara
  36. Sr. Francisca Nwanchukwu
  37. Sr. Judith Ahuna
  38. Sr. Francisca Jumoke Akinwumi
  39. Sr. Mary John
  40. Sr. Immaculata Obanure
  41. Sr. Juliana Egbeleke
  42. Sr. Eugenia Raymond
  43. Sr. Augusta Ozor
  44. Sr. Veronica Obi
  45. Sr. Anthonia Eneaya
  46. Sr. Esther Akpa
  47. Sr. Rachel Ojo
  48. Sr. Monica Ogodo
  49. Sr. Lucia Adenle
  50. Sr. Maryann Aneahobi

Number of Sisters in Temporary Vows – 28

Golden Jubilarians

  1. Sr. Dorothy Yayock
  2. Sr. Patricia Lilia Ebegbulem
  1. Sr. Monica Adeya


  1. Sr. Martina Adebiyi 28/10/1981
  2. Sr. Veronica Fagbule 04/04/1990
  3. Sr. Angelina Lekwot 03/04/1996
  4. Sr. Cecilia Adeniran 24/12/1997
  5. Sr. Magdalene Raphael 05/03/1998
  6. Sr. Clementina Betiku 07/02/2003
  1. Sr. Jessica Anande 22/06/2005
  2. Sr. Camel-Mary Fagbemi 14/ 10/ 2010
  3. Sr. Lucy Akindiose 25/11/2010
  4. Sr. Juliana Nwabuzo 01/05/2011
  5. Sr. Marie-Therese Sekudo 08/08/2016