St. Scholastica Benedictine Monastery

St. Sholastica Benedictine Abbey

Founded, Date/Place 8th July, 1978, Umuoji, Anambra State
Founder Cardinal Francis Arinze
Canonical Status Pontifical Right, 8th July, 1978
Motto Peace and Joy
Charism Prayer and Work
Mission Statement Contemplative life in humility, simplicity and joy within the enclosure
Purpose For the sanctification of the whole world

Mother Margaret Mary Ngobidi, OSB
Prioress: Mother Margaret Mary Ngobidi, OSB

St. Scholastica Benedictine Abbey,
P. O. Box 301, Umuoji Idemili North L.G.A,
Anambra State.

Mobile: 0703.852.5154,


Our Apostolate

St. Scholastica Benedictine Abbey:
"Peace and Joy", forms part of the great Benedictine family which St. Benedict of Nursia started in the 6th century at Subiaco, Italy. The story of the Abbey began in 1977 when Francis Cardinal Arinze, who was then the Archbishop of Onitsha desired to establish a monastic foundation in his Archdiocese. He then invited the Abbey of St. John the Baptist in Rome to help him establish a Benedictine foundation here in Nigeria. One of the nuns in this Abbey was a Nigerian called Sr. Mary Patricia Alufuo.

The foundation stone for the building of the new monastery was laid on 17th December, 1977. After some due preparations, the founding Abbey in Rome sent 5 nuns to begin the foundation. These were Donne Saveria Moscini, Gregoria Toffano (R.I.P), Arcangela Bruni, Gertrude Moscini and the Nigerian Sr. M. Patricia Alufuo. These, accompanied by the Mother Superior of the founding Abbey, arrived at Umuoji where the foundation is situated on 8th July, 1978 which is the official birthday of the monastery. Thus, monastic life commenced at St. Scholastica on that very date. On 9th August 1978 , Sr. Patricia Alufuo was appointedthe Prioress of the new foundation.

The Novitiatewas opened 23rd July, 1980 with the clothing of eleven Postulants. In 1992, St. Scholastica became independent from the founding Abbey in Rome thus attaining the status of a monastery sui iuris. The monastery was further raised to the status of an Abbey on 13th November 1993. Then on November 16th 19933, Sr. Patricia Alufuo OSB was unanimously elected the first Abbess and she received the abbatial blessing on 21st, August 1994. She piloted the affairs of the Abbey until 2007 when she freely resigned from the abbacy. On 27th August 2007, Mother Margaret Mary Ngobidi OSB the incumbent Abbess was elected and she became the second Abbess of the Community. The ceremony of her abbatial blessing took place on 6th January 2008.

The Abbey of St. Scholastica is an enclosed religious institute of papal law. It is wholly ordered to contemplation and does not engage in any external apostolate. However, the Abbey engages in the baking of altar bread, sewing of liturgical vestments, farming, candle making, poultry, honey making, etc. It also operates a retreat house where Priests, religious and Christ's faithful come for their retreats.

Presently, we have two daughter houses; Queen of Peace Benedictine Monastery, Ozubulu which was founded in 1998 and Nuestra Signora del Camino monastery in the diocese of Caxito , Angola which was founded very recently in June 2012.

Sisters in Solemn Monastic Vows

  1. Sr. Mary Bernadette Nwankwo
  2. Sr. Anastasia Umunnaka
  3. Sr. Maria Teresa Ozoemena
  4. Sr. Mary Pauline Anugha
  5. Sr. Mary Veronica Ayika
  6. Sr. Mary Bernadine Ikeghe
  7. Sr. M. Callistus Ezike
  8. Sr. Magdalene Muojama
  9. Sr. M Assumpta Emenike
  10. Sr. Mary Perpetual Amailo
  11. Sr. M. Josefa Anyaegbunam
  12. Sr. Rose Marie Onyeka
  13. Sr. M. Clare Agbim
  14. Sr. Jacinta Chialu
  15. Sr. M. Augustine Ezenwanwe
  16. Sr. Patrick Adibe
  17. Sr. M. Martha Nwizu
  18. Sr. Benedict Ezegolu
  19. Sr. Consolata Nwogu
  20. Sr. Anthony Ewim
  21. Sr. M. Philomena Ezeh
  22. Sr. Baptista Okpara
  23. Sr. Louis de Monfort Akubude
  24. Sr. Bonventure Nwosa
  25. Sr. M Joseph Okeke
  26. Sr. M. Samuel Onyeoziri
  27. Sr. Philomena Maria Aniakor
  28. Sr. Vincent Okolo
  29. Sr. Sixtus Okoli
  30. Sr. Jude Nwamekwa
  31. Sr. Maria Perpetual Azumara
  32. Sr. Catherine Maria Okeme
  33. Sr. M. Regina Anisiobi
  34. Sr. Miriam Veronica Ezeani
  35. Sr. M. Victoria Aziekwena
  1. Sr. Schollastica Cordis Igbozoba
  2. Sr. John Baptist Ugokwe
  3. Sr. Martin of Tour Arinze
  4. Sr. Miriam Philomena Agbasionwe
  5. Sr. Jane Catherine Nkenyimuo
  6. Sr. Veronique Oluwa
  7. Sr. Angela Ojiakor
  8. Sr. Miriam Regina Obimata
  9. Sr. Nativitas Mariae Emeodi
  10. Sr. Cor Jesu Oraegbunam
  11. Sr. Marie Leonie Ezeugo
  12. Sr. M. Pacis Muojama
  13. Sr. M. Gloria Onyeguili
  14. Sr. Ruphina Chukwuka
  15. Sr. M. Paul Ebere
  16. Sr. M. Imelda Okeke
  17. Sr. M. Thomas Ibeh
  18. Sr. Loyola Nwachukwu
  19. Sr. Maria Eugenia Onyegbu
  20. Sr. Elizabeth Arinze
  21. Sr. Agnes Mary Uzoezie
  22. Sr. M. Providentae Mekkam
  23. Sr. Maria Goretti Offora
  24. Sr. Miriam Clara Nzomiwu
  25. Sr. Miriam Pauline Igbanor
  26. Sr. M. Francisca Oguonu
  27. Sr. Stella Maris Enuka
  28. Sr. Miriam Concepta Okeh
  29. Sr. M. Edith Arinze
  30. Sr. M. Angelica Ojukwu
  31. Sr. M. Sabina Nwosu
  32. Sr. Caro Christi Ononamadu
  33. Sr. Trinitas Maria Asodu
  34. Sr. Maria Patricia Mgbechi

Number of Sisters in Temporary Vows – 18


  1. Sr. Cordis Maria Uchendu, OSB
  2. Sr. Ann Claire Obika, OSB
  3. Sr. Mary Fidelis Ezeani, OSB
  1. Sr. Mary Verbum Dei Onyeakpu, OSB
  2. Sr. Mary Esther Ogbuka
  3. Sr. M. Elizabeth Ann Okeke, OSB